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Johnstones Paintcan v0.5

No description

Elisabetta Bruno

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Johnstones Paintcan v0.5

Offering More than
meets the eye
From the very beginning PPG had a vision to become a world leading coatings company with a focus on sustainability and big ambitions to ensure the longevity and resilience of our environments, our economies and our society. We ensure all of our brands such as Johnstone’s Trade offer sustainable solutions and are dedicated to promoting green innovation.

Ahead of the green wave
Igniting interest and passion for STEM skills in young students
Key sustainability vision and values
Invests over $5M in grants to communities
Educating the next generation around the globe
PPG Friends – creating brighter and colourful communities
27% of PPG products come from sustainable coatings solutions
Sustainability is core to everything we do, that’s why we support local communities, invest in our products and strive to ensure our production processes are efficient. From our centrally located facility which allows us to be anywhere in the UK in a matter of hours, to the implementation of LED lighting across our nationwide network of Decorating Centres, we’re taking steps to address our overall environmental impact.
Sustainability commitments to the UK
Supporting communities, charities and people

Product environmental credentials
We support the BCF’s Paint Care Initiative
Our products have been developed to help you meet the highest environmental standards for all your projects, as well as creating eye-catching environments. This commitment is a core part of our business and we’re proud to offer a wide range of products that have received independent, third-party accreditation and verification, which demonstrates their impact on the environment.
We're Eco to the core
Aims to provide advice, guidance and best practice to members
Issued by the Royal Institute of
Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
Paint products must follow the following criteria:
Must be awarded the EU Ecolabel
Must be manufactured with at least
90% recycled content
Must be supplied with an environmental product declaration, written in accordance with
ISO 14025 standards.
A core range of Johnstone’s Trade products have Ska Certificates for the Commercial environment
Something to declare
An EPD or Environmental Product Declaration to most, is a green credential that’s verified by a third party.
A standardised way of communicating the environmental footprint of products.
Allows you to draw comparisons, choose the most appropriate products for the job in hand and to calculate and help minimise the environmental impact of buildings.
Our core products have been verified by the BRE and listed on Green Book Live.
Allows designers to share information for an efficient, collaborative and intelligent build process.
Creating Digital Buildings
Government building to be BIM Level 2 compliant by 2016
Encourages sustainable design – materials used, reducing construction development and product waste
Johnstone’s core products are available as BIM objects within the National BIM Library
BIM file formats available: Archicad, Revit, buildingSMART IFC
Can we recycle?
As a part of our global commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our industry, we're offering a more sustainable way of working for the future by picking up your used Johnstone's paint tins.
Having BREEAM and LEED credentials is
important as it sets the standard for best practice in
sustainable design. They are seen as the de facto measures used to describe a building's environmental performance. Put simply, it proves the building’s environmental credentials to your clients.
information on certification and verification so that you can choose the best product for your project
Experience and guidance so you specify the right product. Solvent based products should not be completely disregarded, the longevity offered can often be the right sustainable choice as it doesn’t have to be applied as frequently.
Minimum or low VOC products that do not heavily contribute to atmospheric pollution
PPG is proud to be ranked 190 on the Fortune 500 and to be trading on the New York Stock Exchange.
We have around 215,000 shareholders who are as proud as us and believe in our visions and values.
We’re also on an unbroken run of 469 dividend payments, ongoing since 1899 – and we don’t plan on giving up any time soon.
The world
We have a presence around the world, among a wide range of cultures, dealing with all kinds of environmental issues. Put simply, our experience is second to none. From protective paint on cargo ships to lightweight coatings for planes our focus on innovation, sustainability and colour means we’re helping to overcome a world of difficulties.
of coatings
156 manufacturing facilities.
Plus additional primary research centres.
Plus additional primary research centres.
A diverse company
PPG’s vision is to evolve a culture that values and promotes diversity and inclusion. This means we’re continuously working to attract, retain and advance a more diverse talentpool to gain a more unique perspective. Doing this can only make us:
More pioneering
More competitive
Diversity in coatings
video to be provided
We offer total coatings solutions – whatever your project, whatever you’re trying to protect – we bring innovation to the surface. We are everywhere and in some way, shape or form you will touch and see PPG coatings every day.
We’re the only decorative paint manufacturer in the country to offer a total coatings solution right through the line, from protective coatings and decorative paints to render and external wall insulation systems.
At home in the UK
Our centrally located site, in Birstall, is the home of PPG’s UK brands.
Over 1,000 great people work at our manufacturing facility in Birstall, West Yorkshire Johnstone's Trade – a leading decorative brand in the country.
Leyland Trade – Johnstone’s sister brand.
Fat Hog – A range of professional decorating tools and materials.
Own brands – We also make own label paint for a number of household names including the leading DIY retailers.
Double the value
We’re’re proud of our technical expertise and that’s why we like to share our knowledge through educational and RIBA approved seminars.
Our technical services go one step further, providing you with technical guidance whatever the surface and environment. We help you to consider environmental maintenance and legislative factors, so your projects are both kind to the planet and legally sound.

Only the best will do
Comprehensive advisory and consultancy services foruide you through key issues that affecting decorative decisions, such as:
It’s also Europe’s largest manufacturing facility for Architectural Coatings.
Employing over 1,000 great people.
We produce millions of litres of paint each year, with additional manufacturing facilities in the nearby town of Morley.
Strategically located to be anywhere in a matter of hours.
Get extra with Johnstone’s Trade
At Johnstone’s we’re best known for our comprehensive range of decorative products and finishes through market-leading coatings, but we also offer you, much more for all the stages of your project.

In addition our Specification Development Managers help make your whole project run smoothly from concept to construction.

Complimentary services include:
Technical specification
Onsite support
Training wherever, whenever you need it
Colour consultation
You’re never far away from a PPG coated product
PPG was founded in 1883 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and with years of experience behind us we’re now the world’s largest coatings company and businesses worldwide have made us their coatings company of choice.
We’re generating electricity
Our thin-film wind turbine blade coatings reduce weight and labour costs at every turn.
Our products are in your home
Our interior and exterior coatings enhance beauty in homes around the world.
We’re joining you for lunch
Our colours command attention, build brand identities, and drive consumer preference.
We’re on your car
We create automotive paint technology that shrinks the total costs and manufacturing footprints for carmakers, and silica products that improve the performance, safety, and fuel efficiency of tyres.
We’re there when you go on holiday
We’ve developed aeroplane cabin windows that dim at the touch of a button.
When you’re at work
Our metal coatings help keep buildings cooler. We’ve also worked to develop exceptionally clear glass that transmits light even as it blocks solar heat.
We’re out at sea
Our environmentally friendly marine coatings can save fuel on every route.
A finish to be proud of
We can provide an EWI system or Render any substrate, with any finish to suit all budgets. Designed to insulate solid wall properties on both traditional construction and non-traditional housing, our coatings significantly lower heating bills and carbon emissions, while a variety of finishes revitalise the appearance of any building.
We’ve built our name by offering the finest quality trade paints since 1890, and have expanded our Stormshield range to encompass exterior wall insulation and render systems.
Trusted on the continent
We’re already the recognised experts in EWI and Renders on the continent, where our products have been used for over 25 years.
Weathering the storm
In addition to our comprehensive range of External Wall Insulation materials and systems, Johnstone’s is uniquely positioned to offer a wide range of market leading BBA approved masonry paints that includes silicone masonry – a product perfect for silicone render systems.
Keeping you warm
Johnstone’s External Wall Insulation systems have been specially designed and developed to provide high performance solutions for our customers, plus they are fully compatible with our decorative paint range, for seamless lifecycle management and maintenance purposes and most are BBA approved too.
We’re rendered capable
When it comes to render, our capabilities are up to scratch – with finishes to fit just about any job or budget, whether it’s masonry construction, render carrier board or refurbishment.
Silicone Enhanced Render
A high performance thin coat render formulated from acrylic resins and silicone additives to offer the perfect balance of affordability and durability.
Full Resin Silicone Render
A high performance thin coat render formulated with silicone resin, offering a highly vapour permeable full silicone finish.
Brick Effect Render
A high performance cement based render enhanced with high performance polymers.
Dash Render
A high performance cement based render enhanced with high performance polymers.
Brick Slips
We also offer brick slips that can be applied using Stormshield Brick Slip Adhesive and pointed with Stormshield Brick Slip Mortar.
You get more with Johnstone’s
Our dedicated EWI and render specialists are here to help you find the right solutions, providing specification reports, products and samples. Rely on us to:
Deliver high performance products and decorative finishes as and when you need them.
Provide expert technical advice
Provide free comprehensive training
Only supply material to approved EWI installers
Johnstone’s Trade manufactures coatings in the UK in Birstall, West Yorkshire - – Europe’s largest coatings plant. As well as state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we have a 35,000m2 distribution facility on the same site, where we operate our own transport fleet.
What’s more, our cross-functional team of logistics specialists, route planners and vehicle drivers ensure our fleet of HGVs and branch-based delivery vehicles run like clockwork and help to reduce emissions.
We have almost 200 Decorating Centres nationally and over 2000 stockists supplying our products, making us more accessible than ever.
It’s very important to us that we deliver products and services to the places they’re needed when they’re needed because time spent without material is time wasted.
We can always be trusted to deliver on time and in full wherever you are.
Building regulations
Environmental concerns
Social responsibility
NBS Specifications – (M60, M20/M21)
Bespoke Johnstone’s Specifications
Getting technical
We can help you budget effectively for your project, so you’re always getting the most for your moneygetting cost effective solutions.
An exterior finish you can rely on
In the UK, it’s not unusual to see four seasons in one day – we’ve got to be prepared for all sorts of weather. Our range of water-based and solvent-based, high performance exterior coatings will prepare you for anything.
Bridge hairline cracks in walls
Re-seal unsightly cracks and give your project significant curb appeal.
Perfect for urban areas that suffer with pollution.
Apply in cold conditions
-5°C is not a problem for our paint.
Shower resistant in 20 minutes
Ideal for projects being painted during the winter months.
We know the use of colour isn’t just about style, it’s about colour psychology: making sure people respond to their environment in the right way.

Did you know that by using colour appropriately we can make spaces more welcoming, improve productivity and aid safe living and healthy environments?
Life in Colour
Prevent peeling or any blisters with this breathable paint solution.
Whatever project you’re working on, our Colour Services team can suggest a colour design for a wide range of buildings, from hotels to hospitals.
Our state-of-the-art colour matching technology gives us access to thousands of colours.
Within our Stormshield range, we also offer different finishes – a traditional textured finish as well as a smooth finish, and most are BBA approved too.
Coatings that perform and protect
Our range of specialist protective coatings withstand the harshest of environments, including:
We’re the first decorative coating manufacturer to receive the certification that complies with European Standard EN 15804.
Heavy-duty coatings
that are perfect for infrastructure, steel framed buildings, industrial floors, highways agency (HA-P1) and network rail projects.
Coatings that provide excellent
corrosion resistance
to tough atmospheric conditions.
Systems that are resistant to mineral and vegetable oils, paraffins, petroleum products and mild chemicals.
Products that are suitable for all environment classifications from rural areas to coastal areas with high salinity (C1 to C5-M).
We’ve got walls totally covered
Some might think wallpaper is all about the design. At Johnstone’s we know it’s about substance too. That’s why we always aim to create a wall covering that not only looks fantastic, but is fit for purpose and of the highest quality around.
Contractors’ Choice
We offer an extensive collection of high quality wallpapers, specially selected to suit a wide variety of environments.
Wallpaper Collection
The Johnstone’s Wallpaper Collection features the latest designs from leading brands and includes a broad range of paper, blown, heavyweight and Italian vinyls, perfectly suited to a wide variety of environments.
We know it’s important that you have peace of mind when specifying products. That’s why we take steps to get independent certification for our products, systems and manufacturing processes.

ISO 14001
EXO flame retardant
Environmental Product Declaration verification
Wood wise
We offer a broad range of varnishes, stains and finishes for interior and exterior wood – from simply hiding surface imperfections to actually enhancing the wood’s natural appearance. We also have a range of oils that help to nourish the wood.
Tools of the trade – Fat Hog
We have our own brand of tools of the trade called Fat Hog. They’re designed to be smarter, stronger and help application, offering superior performance, improved durability and superb results, developed by technical professionals and customers alike.

Fat Hog offers a comprehensive range of:
• Adhesives
• Abrasives
• Brushes
• Rollers
• Fillers
• Solvents
• Strippers

Our range ensures decorators have access to the best tools of the trade on the market, for a high quality finish they can be proud of.

Specialist coatings
Our track record speaks for itself and we’re always thinking of new ways our coatings can make your life simpler, safer and healthier. With our range of specialist coatings we offer products that provide complete protection for walls – from flame retardant to hygiene protection.
Creating the perfect interior finish
Here at Johnstone’s we’re all about performance that’s why we continually develop our ranges – so you can be sure to get a finish that performs as great as it looks. Whether it’s a contemporary look in a new build or a classic look in a renovation, we’ve got the paint for you.

• Pioneering water-based coatings – We’re leaders in water-based technology with the UK’s market-leading water-based trim system that’s:
• Low odour
• Quick drying
• It stays whiter for longer

• We’re listening – It’s by listening to our customers that we’ve been able to continually improve and develop our product offering. This resulted in us developing the best ever vinyl matt emulsion – Covaplus which looks perfect, even under the most scrutinising conditions.

• Durable Finishes – We also have a range of high performance and specialist matt finishes which can be scrubbed and wiped clean – perfect for busy environments, such as hyper school corridors, on stairs or in hallways at home.

Our, RIBA accredited modules are worth double points towards helping chartered members achieve their yearly CPD obligation, keeping their skills up to date.
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