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My Baby Book

No description

Travis Gatling

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of My Baby Book

Travis Ja'Quan Gatling My
Baby Book General Facts Physical Development My mom's pregnancy with me was
very pleasant and exciting. I was born a
year after my sister Angel's death. My mom would rub her stomach and talk and sing to me all the time. My grandmother claims that I was spoiled before I even came out of the womb. Mom and dad awaiting their newborn son! Initially, my mom was going to name me Ja'Quan but my dad said, "Name him Travis." So, she did. I was named Travis Ja'Quan Gatling. My mom was in labor for about 8 hrs, but I
finally made it home after 3 days in the hospital. 4/16/95 S
n Coming from my dependent perspective it is hard for me to explain the effects of having no attachments in one's childhood. But based on the text, social circumstances that make it difficult for children to form attachments are no different from my favorable circumstances. Children who grow up with abusive parents do not necessarily become abusive themselves. Therefore it is not conclusive to say that not having a childhood attachment has a positive or negative effect. Compared to...
Contact Comfort According to the definition of Harlow's
"contact comfort," when it came down to my
boots, sandwiches, and butter knives I didn't depend on those things for nurturing.
However, when it came down to my mother
it was strictly contact comfort. For example
whenever I was afraid she'd always be right there and make my fears go away. So depending on something for protection, comfort and nourishment was my dependence on my mother. Imprinting, in short, is a bond at birth. Though
I'm far from being a duckling, my attachment to
my mother is rather similar to imprinting. My mother tells me that I was so attached to her that other people were unable to hold me, at least until I began to sing. But like most children
I too had my strange obsessions with things like rubber boots, butter knives, and ham sandwiches with pickles... My Language Development A B C Cognitive Development Just like the typically teenager, I used
to experience bad acne. Oftentimes I
would notice that I had a pimple or a blemish on my face and immediately I found myself on the bus, headed to school, hiding a bump that no one even noticed. Even being a brass instrument player in the high school band, if I wound up with a canker soar on my lip I'd be too embarrassed to play. I suffered from
adolescent egocentrism because I just knew that all eyes were on me. I was about
5 months
old when I
how to
sit up. Officially potty trained: 1 yr. The Average Brain Development Womb After Birth By the time of birth it reaches an astouding 23 billion brain cells. After birth the most rapid growth is found in the frontal lobes. This enables us to begin to plan and understand. As maturation sets the basic course of our development we grow biologically. Birth In the womb a developing brain forms
nerve cells at a rate of nearly one-quarter million per minute. First tooth: 4 months First step: 9 months Lost first tooth: 5 yrs. old Developing motor skills:
6 months Myelination is the process by which the axons of neurons are coated by a fatty tissue called myelin. This process typically occurs around adolescence and lasts until about age 25. By this age neural efficiency, judgment, and self- control have developed. Personally, I experienced myelination at an earlier age. I've always been able to make good decisions and manage my attention pretty well with the help of my mom. I currently have 20/20 vision with an astigmatism. This picture was taken in the seventh grade, when I first realized that I needed glasses in order to see the chalk board. I've worn glasses ever since. Though expired, this is the most recent eye glasses/ contacts prescription that I have. Puberty is what I call the time where girls become women and boys become men, not mentally, but biologically. It is the age where we begin to understand our sex organs and receive our God-given abilities to "be fruitful and multiply." Our bodies begin to change; our voices begin to change, and we experience several awkward dispositions. When I began puberty as a male I remember getting taller and my voice got deeper. This started for me in middle school. I also grew facial hair and felt the growing pains of my muscles expanding. For each person, puberty is a different experience. And as the times change I have discovered that puberty begins for some sooner that the "average" age. No one truly knows when to prepare for this inevitable aspect of life anymore. However, we all know that it's coming. Before After Facial hair growth. Breast development Underarm and
pubic hair growth Males Females Larynx enlargement. (voice deepens) Growth of penis and testes Beginning of ejaculation
(expulsion of sperm) Testes release
stimulating hormones Enlargement of uterus
(hips widen) Beginning of menstration Pituitary glands
releases hormone
that stimulate
adrenal glands Ovaries release
stimulating hormones Puberty My first word was:


Spoken at 7 months 7 month old Travis This was my first word
because mom and I have
always had the
closest bond. Growing up I admired Fred Sanford and I would often mimic him saying, "You hear that Elizabeth I'm coming to join you honey." My change to his "fifth of flapple"- which he defined as ripple gone flat- was "with a flith 'ah flotha in my hands." My family still laughs to this day discovering what I meant. Telegraphic Speech

Two word sentences spoken
around 2 months

Ex. See car! or Want some! Overgeneralization

Adding extra, unneeded prefixes
and or suffixes to words.

Ex. I 'sawed' a bird mommy! Overextention

A child's understanding of what
things are and what words mean

Ex. Toilet= monster; hat=basket;

Personal example: I used to
use the word baptize as take
a bath. Thanks to my mom I never had
trouble learning how to speak.
I was always a social child, never stuttered, never muttered, never afraid to speak
out. D
t I've always been
attached to my
mom! Moral Development James Marcia worked with Erik Erikson's theory of develop.
He broke the theory down into 4 statuses of identity: Identity Diffusion, Identity Foreclosure, Identity Moratorium,
and Identity Achievement. Each status regards the typical identity crises and/or commitments that adolescents face. Regarding Marcia's theory I would have the status of Identity Moratorium which states an individual is currently in a crisis, exploring various commitments and is ready to make choices (in my case concerning the future) but has not made a commitment to these choices yet. This is my predicament when it comes to deciding what college I will attend. I have several options, however I am not sure if I am ready to make a commitment. Will it be the right one? Will I regret making this choice? This is where I am in Marcia's development theory. Personality Development According to Thomas and Chess I
was an easy baby. My behavior as an
infant into adolescence has always been predictable. My mom says that she knew me
so well that my face would always tell on me. It
still does. I come from a singing family!
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