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The History Of Pyromania

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Andrew Crespo

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of The History Of Pyromania

The History Of Pyromania
Pyromania. A mental illness with possibly violent and risky consequenses. Most people think that pyromanics are just crazy nutcases that wanna set stuff on fire because its "fun" and "pretty" , but that's everything. There is so much more with Pyromania than one thinks...
What is Pyromania?
So first off, what exactly is pyromania?
Well as it states on the Encylopedia of Mental Disorders website forum, " The repetative pattern of deliberate fire setting for purposes of pleasure or satisfaction in a means to relief stress or tension".
Symptoms of Pyromania
* Fire setting (duh)
*Inability to cope with stress in healthy and normal ways
*Suicidal thoughts/Tendancies
* General fascination with fire
*Social difficulties
Pyromania: NOW
Today, Studies into pyromania have been well extended and revised into our modern understanding of them. Ever since 1952, the American Psychiatric Association(APA) have published volumes of books known as Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). In the lastest volume, DSM-5 (2013), They did a survey of 9,282 Americans with impulse-control problems such as gambling, pyromania and others that affect, collectively, about 9% of the population. Then a study even prior to that conducted by the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration in 1979 showed that only 14% of fires were started by pyromaniacs and others with mental illness.
Pyromania: THEN
The name "pyromania" comes from two Greek words; Pyro meaning fire and Mania meaning loss of reason or madness. From the 1840's to around the 1890's, pyromania stood out as a concept that at first found favor in an era of moral insanity and moral treatment . Throughout this time pyromania was labeled as a form of monomania, moral insanity, impulsive mania, or instinstive mania.
Causes of Pyromania
Oddly, not much is known on the actual causes of pyromania. What is known is that it centers around the issues fo a person that was made worse by Parental upbringing, which starts at around childhood and if not treated properly can lead into adulthood. For some, Fire setting is simply a means to get attention while for others it may just be anti-social behavior.
The History of a Mental Illness Prestenation
What This Could Mean
Because of these studies, We can assume a couple of things such as...
*Accordind to both the law enforcement and DSM-5 studies we can Make the assumption that pyromaniacs are almost uncommon
* That the because it is mainly common in adolesecent children and teens, that it is very rare for an adult.
Treatment of Pyromania
Because it seems like pyromania is rare and uncommon, there has not been may case studies done on it and thus makes it difficult for doctors to know how to treat it in a significant manner. However, there are a multitude of options that have been used in helping pyromaniacs. These include problem-solving skills, anger mangagement, communication skills and much more. The most common kind of treatment involves a combination of medicines, usually serotonin reuptake Inhibitors, and long term insight-oriented psychotherapy
Famous People With Pyromania
Because pyromania is so rare there isnt mant cases of famous people with it other than Taylor Momsen, former band member of The Pretty Reckless on which were multiple accounts of "Loving to set things on fire" and once brought in the "bits" of her recently neutured dog and proceeded to burn them. As the other members had simply put " We were grossed out" . Indeed. -_-
In the end, Pyromania may not be as widly known as disorders like Bi Polar and PTSD but the effects can be just as devastating, after all, all it takes is one person looking for relief and one matchstick to burn down an entire forest.
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Craig Freudenrich, PH.D.



taylor momsen 'loves fire'
tuesday, september 7, 2010 - 15:10
By Andrew Crespo
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