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Tracks by: Robyn Davidson

No description

grace bass

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of Tracks by: Robyn Davidson

by: Robyn Davidson
grace bass
The goal is not to find yourself, but to lose
yourself in order to be freed.
Alice Springs
is a short memoir of an Aussie-born young woman, Robyn Davidson's, 9 month solo trek across 1,700 miles of outback - from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean. She accompanies herself with only the help of her four beloved camels, and dog, Diggity, for company. In her solitude, she seeks escape from her previous existence within the vast desert in hopes of shedding the grime that obnoxious city-life has left on her. She spends two years within the small close-minded town working to obtain three camels and collect experience in the bush. In order to actually get her trip into motion, she finds herself grudgingly desperate for help, so she turns to National Geographic for sponsoring. Along the way of her trek, she growls at her photograpr and gleams with interest towards new Aborigine friends. It is a story of freedom and self-realisation.
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Robyn Davidson-Insight on
the Trip
2014 Movie
brings forth the buried longings for freedom within any person who endeavors to become involved in Davidson's inspiring tale. Her story is for anyone who is interested in the idea of leaving the world behind and experiencing the raw beauty of solitude and adventure. I recommend this book to everyone, simply because I feel that within each of us is a need to escape and refresh our senses and ideas about the world.
There is so much to the book - it's a rich and readable journey, tackling so much more than just the walk. The common theme of the book - is that we really can do so much more than we think and that shaking up our lives and breaking out of the comfort and security is critical to challenging ourselves and growing.
Fantastic read. In addition to a good adventure travel story, Davidson has sprinkled in astute political observations and loads of personal insight. Makes me want to visit Uluru, and also to have more adventures.
This was a pretty amazing book to be honest.
A mix of travelogue, philosophical complaints, cultural commentary, and camel handling tips :)
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