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Sponsor Vs. Partner

No description

Shadi Naguib

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of Sponsor Vs. Partner

Sponsor Vs. Partner
exists when one entity provides

financial support
to another to achieve promotional advantages. When a business gives funds to a local cause or event, for instance, it has sponsored that event.

MR Goal
Our Target Audience
MR tools
0- Always
keep in mind.
Websites & Annual Reports.
Media & news.
3- Websites like ( CSRWire ,
5- Google.

Competitive Analysis
17 Questions
Types Of Corporates
Marketing research vs. Market Research
Market research
deals specifically with the
gathering of information about a market'
s size and trends.
Marketing research

covers a wider range of activities while it may involve market research,
marketing research is more general
systematic process that can be applied to a variety of marketing problems .
Who is there and doing what?
Who should be targeted and how?
1. your objectives.
2. search for contacts
3- information relevant to your objectives
4. final report.
5. Update.
1. Define the problem or opportunity and state your objectives
define your
and the outcomes you expect from the research that will be conducted. Having a clear and definitive
is helpful. Because so many goals leads to dilute results.

can be molded into an
2- Search for contacts.
3- Collect information relevant to your objectives
Sometimes the easiest step is to start looking at
secondary data first.
to clarify your issues or even provide a
solution to your research objectives
. Secondary data is usually
less expensive and faster
to gather than primary data.
After looking at the secondary data. If you find that this company
fits your criteria
then we can move to looking at
the Primary data.
If a certain CSR
on Sports, Charity, and environment. we should focus our research on the environment part.
4. Create a final report
final report by
all data and organizing it into a useful format for your company
solutions to your goals and objectives is central in ensuring your company can
make use
of the new information both effectively and beneficially.

5. Follow up
you need to choose whether the information gathered is going to be
put into use.
you will help your company in making sure the research
stays on task.
Matching goals & Criterion
( Entrepreneurship / Youth Empowerment / Environment / Community developing ...etc )

Previous funding history and grants
( After research we should target those CSRs and companies who previously funded projects like ours )

Long Term Partnerships
( Incubators & partners like Injaz )

Personal connections
Keep searching and add new information
Who are our competitors?
In Campus ( Youth driven activities / NGOs )

Off Campus ( Youth driven activities/ NGOs )
Who we are ?
In terms of >
means each entity
shares in the responsibilities, risks and earnings of a business arrangement
. When two companies collaborate on an event or promotion, for instance, they share these commitments.

How to approach a potential SPONSOR / PARTNER ??
you need to know
you’re approaching a business/organization – are they a
good fit
, do they sponsor other clubs in your area already? Try and do some
on the business/organization before you approach them, many have details of the way they work with the community on their website.
think about your goals and choose the best corporate
Who will be perfect fit your us?
what do you say to them? (their benefits)
Ask yourself these questions:
1) they want new customers?

2) How can we help them towards their goal ?
Ensure in the meeting
1) Introduction..
2) Their business goal.
3) Our Objectives.

3- CSR Program
5-Corporate foundations.
2-Family Foundation



 1-Does this corporate fit our criteria?
 2-Booming corporates nowadays?
3- Size of Corporate ?
4-Corporate’s main target audience?
5-Which sector this corporate belongs to?
6-Corporate’s main competitors?
7-Enactus Cairo University competitors?
8-Does the corporate support any of Enactus CU competitors? Or Enactus Egypt?
9-Is that corporate interested to sponsor any of the competitors?
10-What products does Enactus CU offer and the company may be interested in?
11-Does the Corporate have any
CSR Activities?
12-What kind of CSR activities do they have?
13-What is the estimated budget that corporate may spend on CSR?
14-If it already serves students activities and NGOs, how much do they pay?
15- What kind of sponsorships they
may prefer?
16-What is Enactus CU competitive advantage?
17-If the corporate had a previous sponsorship with any of the competitors, how did it go?
What benefits do you want to gain?
Personal connections
linked in
phone call
-Corporate Focus Area
-Previous Projects
Conclude -Opportunities & -Threats.
Money/pro/aware of needs/ p.conn
Long/ change priorities
Money/ Personal connections
No guidelines/ change priorities
money vary/personal connections
No guidelines / change priorities
Huge money/ Pro / aware of needs / very clear and direct approach
very sensitive to stakeholders / change priorities
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