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Adrian Joyeux

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of EGYPT

History of Egypt
In the 640 AD Islam was introduced to Egypt by caliphate Umar under Amr ibn al-Hs of the Arab Muslims.
In the 900's caliphate Shia Islmaili of the Fatimids made Cairo, Egypt the capital of Islam.
The Byzantine Campaign in Egypt & the take over of Islam.
The Beginning
The Extremist
Baladi Bread: Traditional flat bread with whole wheat and bran.
Kabab wa Kofta: grilled bread, with baladi and green salad.
Sayadeya: Baked white fish with rice and onion/tomate sauce.
Extremist groups in Egypt such as the Muslim Brotherhood.
Views Egypt has terrorist country because of Islam religion and extremist groups.
"And I remember what someone had told me earlier. Islam is the world's only major faith that can truly be defined as political" Weaver thought in The Portrait of Egypt pg. 121.
Over 90% of the population in Egypt are Muslim.
Islam vs. Nonreligious; Poor vs. wealthy.
Modern egyptian music blends with several cultures with the Islamic religion and the western world.
Ancient egyptian music was folk and contemporary music that told stories.
Some egyptian instruments goes back to the Predyanstic period. They had instruments such as the harp to the lute.
The Muhammad Ali Mosque
The Famous Pharos Lighthouse in Alexandria, Egypt
Bust of Nefertiti, Thutmose
Papyrus is a style of writing used in ancient egyptian literature. The Book of the Dead is one of the most famous books of ancient Egypt.
When Islam took over Egypt they encouraged the people to read and make literature. One of their most famous books is 'One Thousand and One Night'.
In the 20th centuryNaguib Mahfouz was the first egyptian to win the Noble Prize of Literature.
The End
Ancient Egypt

Modern Egypt
Began during Muhammod Ali's rule in the early 19th century.
The Revolution of 1952 created the Republic of egypt.
In 1958 egypt joined syria to form the United Arab Republic.
During the Six Day War Isreal took control over the sinai pennisula and gaza strip from Egypt
President Anwar Sadat strenghened Egypts economy and signed the camp david accords which eventually led to the Egypt-Israeli peace treaty and improved US-Egypt relations
The 2011 Revolution ousted president Hosni Mubaraks regime and elected Muhammed Morsi as president
Muhammed Morsi was then ousted by the Egyptian military and put on trial.
Egyptian politics are based on Republicanism with a semi presidential system of government.
under the new regulations of the March 2011 referendum the president is limited to two four-year terms.
The Peoples Assembly is the principle legeslative body In Egypt.
444 of the 454 seats in the assembly are directly elected by the people while no more then 10 are appointed by the president.
Egypt has many political parties but the biggest is The Democratic Alliance for Egypt.
After the Revolution Egypt came under the authority of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces or Military Council.
Although its not technically a political party in egypt the muslim brotherhood has a huge infleunce over egyptian politics.
The Nile river has been the lifeline ofor egyptian culture ever since nomadic hunter gatherers began living along it during the Phiestone period
In 10,000 B.C. grain grinding culture led to agricultural economies and centralized societies
the first unified kingdom of egypt founded in 3150 B.C. by King Menes
Alexander the great took over control of egypt in 332 B.C. leading to The Classical Antequiety period
During the MIddle Ages Islam was introduced to Egypt.
After the failed french invasion by Napoleon Bonapart the ottomons apointed muhammed Ali Visroy of Egypt.
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