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Linking newborn babies to their parents

No description

Katie Tritts

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Linking newborn babies to their parents

What We Do.
Temporary Tattoo
how accurate?
beating the system
Linking newborn babies to their parents

What do they do now?
Identifying Bracelets

Problems with the current way:
Extended family
Weight loss
Not 100%
QR Codes and Fingerprints
Easy to generate

Scan baby and mother

Finger print scanner (Hooks up to Computer) $250
Finger Print Lock System- $127.98 per door

Web cam- $69.99
The Q.R.A.Q.T Computer Software
Our goal is to keep babies
linked with their rightful
birth parents by providing
quality security procedures.

Our Mission Statement:
Our security system has had many success stories.

Seattle, Washington
Success Story

Easy To Use Program with
a backup security system.
Beating the system
Our system is the safest and most efficient method to keep babies and mothers connected. We hope you consider our company for your safety measures, and remember:

In Conclusion:
*University of Virginia
Tamara Jones. August 8, 1998. "Baby Switch Leaves Desperate Lives Forever Entwined." [Internet] [Updated 1998, August; accessed 2013, October] Available From:

Tom Harris. September 24, 2002. "How Fingerprint Scanners Work" [Internet]. [Updated 2013, accessed 2013 October] available from: http://computer.howstuffworks.com/fingerprint-scanner.htm

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