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Chinese Triad

No description

Josh Khalili

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Chinese Triad

Chinese Traid's Why did this group start and when? The first triad group was started in the 1760's in China.
This group was started because people in China didn't
like the way the Manchu Emperor of the Qing Dinasty was ruling China. The triad group was started to restore the peace in China. Who started this group? Back in the 1760's to overthrow the Manchu Emperor of the Qing Dynasty two young brothers on a farm started a gang, a family gang, to form the first triad gang. One of the boys name was Tian Di Hui. What is the name of this group and why? Heaven and Earth Society (Tian Di Hui) was formed in China. It was named this after one of the brothers who had started this gang and died in the gang. After about a decade of attacks the Heaven and Earth Society restored its peace for the Han Chinese, the Triads today are in 8 different gangs still continue its rebellious act towards the law.
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