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Copy of 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

Habit 1, Habit 2, Habit 3, Habit 4

alyssa reading

on 22 February 2012

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Transcript of Copy of 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

Habit 4
Relashionship Bank Account/ public victory Think Win-Win 7 Habits Lose-Win
Getting Used
You make others happy, but not yourself
People will try to take advantage of you
To think Win-Win
Know yourself
be loyal
small acts of kindness
Good Attitude
Nice Habit 1 Habit 2 Put first things first
Little rocks and Big rocks Private Victory
Personal bank account
starting with the man in the mirror
finding goals
give yourself compliments
say you can
Be Proactive
Don't be Reactive
Habit 3 Begin with the end in mind
Career Grade School Win-Lose Lose-Win Win-lose
When you try to be better than your friend
Using someone
Wanting someone to look bad so you can look good
Don't think Win-lose The relationships you have with other people and what relationships they have with you
First impressions will last forever
You can make withdrawls and depoits
Deposits dissapear quickly while withdrawls might last forever Relationship Bank account Withdrawls
Breaking promises
letting people down
not listening
setting false expectations Deposits
Keeping Promises
Telling the Truth
Letting people know before hand
Lay out everything on the table there and then
Give compliments
Make people feel welcome
Show you care
Ask about their day
Do not set false expectation's The little things in life can make people happy When you meet someone you start an account Don't Think You can't make one till you complete you personal victory
Once you talk to someone an account begins
First impressions are HUGE! "One kind word can warm three winter months"
-Japanese Saying
"Life's most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?"
-Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes Lose-Lose Lose-Lose
When both people make the wrong choices
gossiping what is a relationship bank account?
What are some deposits/withdrawls?
Whats win-win thinking?
whats win-lose?
whats lose-win?
whats lose-lose?
What is very important about Habit 4 Think Win-Win?
Quick Quiz Baby Steps of a Relationship bank account
Keep Promises
do small Acts of Kindness
Be Loyal
Say You're Sorry
Set clear expectations Baby Steps of win-win
Pinpoint the area of your life where you most struggle with comparisons.
Don't be afraid to mention something
Do stuff for the fun of it
Be happy if you are close to succeding, don't feel threatened
Think about your general attitude torward life.
think of a person who you feel is a model of win-win.
There is no I in Team
Ways to get to win-win Bad things
comparing is a compettition twin.
comparing your self to others is bad news.
being too competitive
Comparing is just like competing

Things you should know Developing a Win-Win attitude is not easy..... BUT you can do it! If your thinking Win-Win only 10 percent of the time right now, start thinking it 20 percent, then 30 percent, and so on. Eventually, it will become a mental habit, and you won't even have to think about it, it will become a part of who you are.
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