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50 Steps to Abstinence

Health Project Made on May 26th 2013

Robyn Bajraktari

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of 50 Steps to Abstinence

50 Steps to Abstinence Project 7.What are the long term results for kids who have sex early? Are there ANY negative results to waiting? 9. What are the benefits of waiting? Look up the pros for those people who abstain from sexual activity until a committed, long term relationship 10.Is everyone really doing it? Find out how many people really are doing it statistically By: Robyn Bajraktari 5.What are the consequences of sexual activities? Come up with 5 physical and 3 mental. 1. Go to the Movies 2. Go to the Beach 3. Go to the Park 4. Go Hiking 9. Go to a Restaurant Physical Pregnancy STD Aids HPV Clamadia Ghonnerra Syphallis Pid STI Pelvic Infection/Disease Mental Regret May become attatched to the person and if you and the other person break up it may have a tramatic emotional effect Low Self-Esteem Loss of Respect for Yourself Long Term-Results Unwanted
Pregnancy Unplanned Marriage STI STD Diseases Emotional Scars Mental Scars Social Scars Negative Results The only negative results I could think of to waiting is that it could have a social effect meaning that people may not want to be with someone who hasn't had sex or who wants to wait. The study involved 2,035 married participants in an online assessment of marriage called “RELATE.” A statistical analysis showed the following benefits enjoyed by couples who waited until marriage compared to those who started having sex in the early part of their relationship: Relationship stability
rated 22 percent higher

Relationship satisfaction rated 20 percent higher

Sexual quality of the relationship rated 15 percent better

Communication rated 12 percent
better No, Not Everyone is Doing It In a recent survey given by the Hawkeye, 56 students of all grades responded voluntarily and anonymously to several questions all related to the topic of sex. The survey showed some very surprising results...
Here are the STUDENTS results Exactly 50% of Students said they BELIEVE in ABSTINENCE 32% say it's NOT OK to HAVE SEX in HIGH SCHOOL 68% said students SHOULD WAIT UNTIL HIGH SCHOOLS OVER 59% of students are VIRGINS 41% of students HAVE HAD SEX 21% participate in sexual activities on a regular basis 8. Interview a real life teen mom/dad and include the transcript. Be sure to ask about the challenges they faced in being a teen parent. What changed in their life? What would they do different? What would they tell teen’s to do? How is their life now? 1. Your name: Jamie Gordon
2. Your Date of Birth: July 11, 1994
3. Are you still in school: No I am not in school, I got my ged before Gio was born
4. Do you have a job: I do not have a job
5. Fathers name: Azael Garcia
6. Fathers Date of Birth: August 11, 1992
7. Are you still with the baby's father *If no are you in a relationship with anyone: Yes I am still with gios father
8. What is your relationship with the baby's father (married, engage, separated, Etc.): Engaged
9. Does the baby's father help you out: yes he helps me with Gio
10. Is he still in school: He graduated in 2011
11. Does he have a job: Yes he works at mill metals
12. Baby's Name: Giovanni De Jesus Garcia
13. Baby's Date of Birth: October 26, 2012
14. Baby's Birth Height and weight: 19 inches 6 lb 14 oz
15. Was the baby born on time: He was born at 39 weeks, 1 week early
16. Did you have him naturally, or by a caesarian section: I had him naturally 17. What challenges do you face being a teen mom: Being a teen mom is not easy and you have to grow up fast and put your child's needs before your own
18. How did your life change/ What things did you have to change about your life: I have to spend all my time caring for Gio. I can't go out when ever I want to. I have to make sure where ever I go is a safe place for Gio too
19. Did you have to give up something so that way you can take care of him *What did you have to give up: I have gave up a lot of my friends because they did not understand that I can't just leave Gio when ever I want to go out and do something
20. Would you do anything different *Yes, What would you do different *No, Why: No, being a teen mom is hard but I would not change one thing. I love my life now.
21. What would you tell other teens to do so that way they dont become a teen parent: I would tell them to protect themselves if they are having sex or just not to do it at all and if they are going to than to make sure it is the right person
22. What would you tell other teens to do if they become teen parents: To be strong. At first they won't understand much, but after a week or two is just comes naturally 23. How is your life now: My life is really good. If I didn't have Gio I don't know where I'd be or what I'd be doing. He made me a better person and mature fast. I love waking up everyday knowing I can put a smile on his face.
24. Were you able to afford having a baby: Yes. we make enough money to afford what he needs. But for some people it is really hard
25. How did the pregnancy change your life: The pregnancy made me realize that this was really happening and it made me prepare myself, even though you are never really ready
26. Did you have to put aside any dreams: No there is always time to make your dreams come true.I am looking for nursing schools now to get my career started
27. How did your family react: My family took it really well, but my father was upset for a little while but now he loves Gio
28. Does your family help with the baby: My mother and azaels mother help out a lot
29. Who helps you with the baby: The people that help the most are azael, his mother, my mother and azaels sister Jackie Websites Images Works
Cited http://www.thehawkeye.org/2013/05/16/sex-is-everyone-really-doing-it/
http://www.rkdn.org/roses/colors.asp iron_man_three_ver9_xlg.jpg (937×1500)
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pluto (500×333)
brentwood.thefuntimesguide.com/images/blogs/new-brentwood-park-concord-road.jpgwww.townoforangepark.com/images/Skate Park Playground.JPGPochahontas+Hiking+Trail.jpg (525×350)
Ohiopylehiking_trail.JPG (1600×1200)
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teenage_couple_eating_ice_cream_cone_42-15200162.jpg (688×720)
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ForcedMarriage_0.jpg (320×239)
Unwanted_Spouse_3632.png (300×229)
abpr-gb__52147_zoom.jpg (476×315)
Abstinence_Method_Of_Birth_Control-2.jpg (248×300)
keep-calm-and-be-abstinence.png (600×700)
AbstinenceSmall.jpg (481×611)
f9eca92abb9acd716544d8b16ae55.jpg (610×610)
abstinence-pic-312x176.jpg (312×176)
http://storage.cloversites.com/pregnancyresourcecenter/site_images/page17_picture0_1323762674.jpg 1.Come up with 10 dating activities that are fun to do besides “sexy things.” 5. Go to a Dance 6. Go Bike Riding 7. Go to an Amusement Park 8. Have a
Picnic 10. Go get Ice Cream Purity Innocence Youthfulness Love Beauty Courage Respect The End
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