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GKT1; Applications in US and World History

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Dana Catacutan

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of GKT1; Applications in US and World History

GKT1: Applications in US and World History
Individuals and Institutions as Mechanisms of Social and Governmental Change
Florence Nightingale
World Example
Theme 2
Geography and the Development/Diffusion of Human Society

Colorado River
US Example

Theme 1
Historical Systems of Power, Governance, and Authority
The Nazi Party
World Example
Theme 3:
1. Geography and the Development/ Diffusion of Human Societies: The Colorado River

2. Individuals and Institutions as Mechanisms of Social and Governmental Change:
Florence Nightingale

3.Historical Systems of Power, Governance, and Authority: The Nazi Party

4.Science and Technology as an Engine of Economic Growth: Thomas Edison invention of the light bulb
The Nazi Party
Under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, the National Socialist German Workers' party grew into a mass movement and ruled Germany through 1933- 1945. He promoted German pride and anti-Semitism. (History, 2014)
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Westcoat Jr,, J. (2014) Colorado River [Britannica] Retrieved from http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/126494/Colorado-River
The Nazi Party is a great example of mechanism of social change because of the extreme authoritarian government that ruled Europeans during the time of WWII.
Theme 3:
Nazi Party Controlled Germany
At the start of Hitler's control, people and organizations were forced to oblige in Nazi rules, such as the "coordination" of German Churches
Everything came under the control of the Nazi such as government, law, economy, culture, and education
Hitler has a very charismatic and used this to attract German people to listen to his ideas

Two main task of Nazi Propagandas:

1. To make sure nobody in Germany could read or see anything that was damaging to the Nazi Party.

2. To make sure that the ideas of the Nazis were spread in the most persuasive manner.
Method used in to attracting people to believe in Nazi's goal
War with the Jews

In 1939, Germany began enforcing laws to Jews. For example, strict curfews and prohibiting them from entering certain stores and public areas.

In 1941, Germans started systematic deportations of Jews to concentration camps.

In 1942, large numbers of Jews were deported directly to killing centers or forced them into slavery. When Germany invaded Poland, they shot thousands of Jews and imprisoned them in ghettos where Jews died because of starvation, illness, or torture.

in 1943, German Nazi announced that Germany was free of Jews. German Nazi killed almost 180,000 of Jews.
(Jewish Virtual Library, 2015)

Death of Hitler
In the mid afternoon of April 1945, Hitler committed suicide in his bunker.

The death of Hitler also ended the Nazi Party regime in Germany
Florence Nigthingale fits the theme because she is an important figure in World history for making reforms in healthcare and establishing nurses to be educated worldwide.
Theme 2
Florence Nightingale biography
Contributions to Nursing
First nurse to use sanitation method. During the Crimean War, she improved the sanitation at a British base hospital, reducing the death related to infection to two-thirds.

Established Nightingale Training School for Nurses and St. Thomas Hospital in 1860.

Advocated that nurses should be trained and educated.

Allowed nurses to practice autonomy on advocating for their patients and profession

First nurse to use statistics on mortality rates due to unsanitary hospitals

Introduced holistic care in nursing

Pioneer of Modern Nursing. (Selanders and Crane,2012)

The Lady with the Lamp
Florence Nightingale went around at night to check her patients and do treatments with the a lamp.
Later Life
Nightingale contracted " Crimean Fever" after coming back from the British Hospital in Turkey. She became very ill and bounded in bed at a young age. Her illness did not stop her from working. She kept on working on improvement in hospitals sanitation and health care reform. She also wrote a book called Notes on Nursing: What It Is and What It Is Not, which provided direction on how to manage the sick. This book is still continuously used from its first release. She also received different awards because of her great contributions in military nursing and education of nurses. Florence Nightingale died at the age of 90 in 1910. (Florence Nightingale, 2015)
The invention of light bulb is definitely one of the most beneficial and amazing creation ever made because of its numerous use in our day-to-day living. People no longer had to get up at sunrise and stop working right before it got dark. People could work longer hours - even into the night . Without light bulb, the world would be in complete darkness.
Theme 4
(GreatAmericanthings, 2011)
Science and Technology as an Engine of Economic Growth

Light Bulb

US Example
Theme 4
Nightingale Training School in London
Sir Humphrey Davy of England invented the first electric carbon arc lamp in 1801.

All arc lamps use current running through different kinds of gas plasma. A.E. Becquerel of France theorized about the fluorescent lamp in 1857.

In 1835, James Bowman Lindsay demonstrated a constant electric light at a public meeting in Dundee, Scotland.

Then came first electric incandescent lamps invented Sir Joseph Swann of England and Thomas Edison the first electric incandescent lamps during the 1870s.

In 1879, Thomas A. Edison’s lamp became the first commercially successful incandescent lamp. He improved the light bulb components which made him successful
Invention of the Light Bulb
Importance of light bulb
Thomas Edison contribution to the invention of Light Bulb
Thomas Alva Edison and his team experimented with thousands of different filaments to find just the right materials to glow well and be long-lasting. In 1879 Edison obtained an improved vacuum pump, and it proved to be a breakthrough. Edison discovered that a carbon filament in an oxygen-free bulb glowed for 40 hours. Soon, by changing the shape of the filament to a horseshoe it burned for over 100 hours and later, by additional improvements, it lasted for 1500 hours. Edison was able to produce a reliable, long-lasting source of light. By September of 1882 he had opened a central station on Pearl Street in Manhattan and was eventually supplying electricity to a one mile square section of New York.
Mini History of Light Bulb
Enhances the quality of our life. For example, the invention of light bulb gives us light during the night where we can continue work that needed lighting during night time.
The invention of light bulb give our homes and streets light which help reduce crime rates.

With the light bulb came opportunities to engage in business and social activities at night. People became more productive and help the economy grow with the extra business hours. (Energy.gov, 2013)

The Colorado River is important to many Native American communities surrounding Grand Canyon National Park. For over 12,000 years, the river has been an important source of water and life for indigenous groups living in and around this vast canyon. Indigenous groups used the river’s water for agriculture and to fortify their lives in the canyon and along the rim.(Westcoat Jr., 2014)
Colorado River
1,450 miles long

Draining watershed from seven states which is divided into two district. The upper basin consist of Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. The lower basin is consist of Nevada, Arizona, and California

explored and fully mapped on 1869 by John Wesley Powell. He vividly described the geologic formation around the banks of the Colorado River

Colorado river has two major tributaries, the Green and San Juan rivers, with smaller, additional sources flowing in from east and west.

In 1905 flood caused by the river broke the diversion control of the Imperial canal causing a lot of damages to agriculture and major railroad route. (Westcoat Jr., 2014)
Hoover Dam and Colorado River
(YouTube, 2015)
Hoover dam was created to key to control and regulation of the Colorado River.
Colorado River water irrigates more than a million acres of land in the U.S., and nearly half a million acres in Mexico.As it passes through Hoover's turbines, the water generates low-cost hydroelectric power for use in Nevada, Arizona and California.
(Westcoat Jr., 2014)
History of Colorado River
Importance of Colorado River
Irrigation projects which benefit from Hoover's control and regulation of the Colorado River include the Palo Verde Valley, the Colorado River Indian Reservation, the Yuma and Gila projects in Arizona, and the Imperial and Coachella valleys in California.

Produces cheap electricity which supply major cities in Nevada like Las Vegas.

Provides water recreation for 10 million people every year and helps with Colorado tourism.

Through the sale of power and water from Colorado River, a major portion of the money used to construct Reclamation projects is returned to the Federal Treasury.

Colorado River water is used for agricultural, municipal, industrial and commercial purposes in both the U.S. and Mexico (Westcoat Jr., 2014)
Theme 1
The Colorado river fit the theme because it provides unparalleled beauty, recreational, and
environmental values to the United States as a whole.
(YouTube, 2014)
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