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Emerging Technology in Nursing Education

No description

Tracey Cobb

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Emerging Technology in Nursing Education

Objective One Identify current trends in technology as
it relates to nursing education Objective Four Apply generational concepts into one's teaching
strategy when using technology in nursing education Presented by Tracey Anne Cobb, BSN, RN Emerging Technology
Nursing Education Objective Two Apply trending educational
technology to current nursing education curricula Objective Three Implement technology into teaching-learning theories Informatics and healthcare technologies encompass five broad areas:
• Use of patient care and other technologies to deliver and enhance care;
• Communication technologies to integrate and coordinate care;
• Data management to analyze and improve outcomes of care;
• Health information management for evidence-based care and health education;
• Facilitation and use of electronic health records to improve patient care.

(AACN Essentials of Master's of Education in Nursing, 2011) AACN Essentials Generational Considerations Even More Bells and Whistles
Stay tuned... Current Trends Continued Literature
Pros and Cons Current Theories on Efficacy Institute of Medicine Nurse of the Future initiatives
TIGER initiative or Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform
Pew Internet and American Life Project Technology in Nursing Education 1960’s through the 1980’s
Focus of technological advances began to change with onset of computer technology
Medical advances such as new surgical procedures, equipment and practices became more commonplace
Addition of new medicines Historical Perspectives Background
and Timeline Technology in education and pedagogical and andragogical philosophies
Online education and didactic platforms
Audio visual aids
Tweets/Blogs/Podcasts/Other online resources
www.bubbl.us Overview of Current Trends
(Some bells and whistles) Innovations and inventions of standardized equipment, practices, drugs
Computer technology
Order entry
Smart phone technology/PDA/iPads
Reference technology
“Smart” equipment Current Trends 20th century trends
New medicine such as antibiotics
Chemo and bio therapy agents
Emerging equipment
WWII through the 1960’s
IV therapy
Common practice of antibiotic therapy
Incorporation of these practices with newly established “profession” of nursing and nursing schools Historical Perspectives Technological advances
19th century trends
Florence Nightingale
Patient advocacy
Hygiene Historical Perspectives
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