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Koala Culling

No description

Christian Tzefer

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Koala Culling

Koala Culling
What's The Problem
The problem is that the goverment wants to kill koalas because they are over populated. Almost 700 Victorian koalas killed in a serect cull along the great ocean road.
My Opinion About The Koalas
I think that it's wrong to kill koalas just because they are over polulated. They dont effect the way we live or how we live our lifes. They are one of Australians loved animals. I think that the state goverment is wrong and i think that they need to stop.
Step 1) Get informed
How you can get Informed
Some things that you can get informed by is reading books about the issue, Look up infomation on the internet and see what you can find out about it, You could interview an expert, Watch the news and maybe they talk about the issue.
How I got Informed
The things I found out was that
- 686 koalas killed due to the fact that they are over populated
-The have been killed along the great ocean road
- The goveremnt are killing the koalas when they are starving
- Liberal party is killing the koala
Step 2) Get Active
How to get Active
How I got Active
Now its time to get active!
How you could get active is by starting or joining a lobby group,
Raise the issue at a council meeting or maybe if you are lucky you can go to a State goverment meeting and make a website about the issue.
The way I got active was by sending a letter to the state goverement and also by making a website.
Step 3) Make Difference
The way you can make a change or difference is by
-Raise Awarness
-Get more people following or supporting the website
- Change the state goverments mind

Thanks For Watching
I hope that enjoyed my presentaion!
Who are you with?
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