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Copy of The following items need to be included in a student’s elect

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liz orbits

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The following items need to be included in a student’s elect

The following items need to be included in a student’s electronic file prior to processing:
Case notes
Verification sheet (done by SRWC Assistant)
Current Carl Perkins grant application (to be updated each semester for new and continuing students)
Current SRWC Intake (to be updated yearly)
Course schedule (verified in Banner)
Grant Award form for Carl Perkins
Carl Perkins guidelines (updated each semester)
WCC transcripts (updated each semester and verified in ORAWEB)
Childcare Grant Award form (if awarded)
Barnes & Noble book report verified in ORAWEB)
ROARMAN (verified in Banner)
SGASTDN or proof of major (verified in Banner)
Verification of income (updated each semester unless no change in income)
Carl Perkins Interest Inventory waiver form
Educational plan or Individualized Service Plan
Q&A sheet

Required Documentation for Students Files

Is the student in an Occupational program?
What is the student's financial situation
EFC – Estimated Family Contribution
Eligibility – Good, Probation, Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), Maximum Credit Appeal
Unmet Need – Amount of funds that the student is eligible for in a given academic year
Review application data for additional income information and/or family size
Verification of income is required and can include: current taxes, current pay stub, W2, SSI, SSDI, Child support documentation from Friend of the Court, DHS documentation, Section 8, DHS cash assistance, Unemployment compensation
Review PELL chart for tuition costs and refund amount

All six categories of Special Populations are treated equally on the basis of greatest financial need:
Applicants must meet income guidelines based on documentation of current income.
Applicants are required to complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to determine Pell eligibility and unmet need.
The SRWC will attempt to fund all eligible applicants. If funding all eligible applicants is not possible, then the SRWC must prioritize to award the grant based on greatest need. The “greatest need” prioritization will be as follows:
Applicant has no alternative form of assistance.
Applicant is in last semester of his/her program.
Prior performance – student is meeting academic progress with a 2.5 GPA or higher as required by the program.
Applicant has additional responsibility raising children. The number of dependent children will be taken into consideration along with the family income.
Applicant may accept loans based on individual financial need and extenuating circumstances.

Definition of Greatest Need

We will not fund developmental classes with Perkins Funds.
We can fund students who are Pell recipients.
Students in Gender Equity that are under the age of 24 can be Perkins eligible on their own income. Student must file taxes and not be a dependent on parent’s taxes.
We can fund students in default for one semester. They must have a plan to get out of default the next semester.
We can fund an occupational class for a student who is failing to make academic progress.
Perkins funds are not intended to be supplanted by other funds. Exceptions may be made to students who have accepted loans, providing compelling individual circumstances and availability of funds.
All other grants, scholarships, and waivers, including No Worker Left Behind, must be used before this grant to pay for tuition, fees, books and childcare.
Off campus Perkins Childcare start up grant = $350.00 with maximum of $750.00 for continuing students.

Notes from Trends Conference Oct 30 – Nov 1 2002

Definition of Attendance Cost

– Tuition and fees (including those for online courses) normally assessed a student carrying an academic workload as determined by an institution, and including costs for rental or purchase of any equipment, materials or supplies required of all students in that course of study; and/or 
An allowance for books, supplies, transportation, dependent care, and miscellaneous personal expenses for a student attending the institution.
Students receiving attendance cost assistance are required to apply for a Pell grant.
Students receiving non-financial assistance do not have to apply for the Pell.
Financial Need – Attendance Costs Policy Document
It is the responsibility of the program contact person to work with the director of financial aid to ensure that individuals with the greatest financial need are given priority. Colleges must be able to demonstrate (for on-site review) that students with the greatest financial need were supported by Perkins dollars. Applying for a Pell grant is only one requirement and does not necessarily signify greatest financial need. A written assurance to the above must be maintained at the college campus

Attendance Costs

The Student Resource and Women’s Center has Carl Perkins vocational funds, which is a federally funded program, and are given to Occupational students who are members of Special Populations for attendance costs. All six categories of special population students are treated equally on the basis of greatest financial need. 

In order to qualify for Perkins funded activities, a student must:
Be formally enrolled in a state-approved occupational program as identified by CIP code of occupation specialty course and defined in the Act, OR
Have formally declared an intent or commitment through a career assessment to enroll in a state-approved occupational program as identified by CIP code OR
Be enrolled in a state approved occupational program or on the waitlist in a two- tiered program e.g. an allied health program OR
Be enrolled in a general occupational course or apprenticeship related instruction (ACS codes 1.1, 2, 1.3, or 12.4) for the purpose of job training.

Carl Perkins Policy based on the Dean's Guide

Perkins Awards
The committee will meet 2-3 weeks prior to the start of each semester. Meeting times will be scheduled in advance.
The committee will review the following:
All new Perkins recipients
All Foundation recipients
Any child care as needed
Other documentation as deemed appropriate by the funding committee
Continuing Perkins students who have had prior approval will continue to receive the grant until they finish their program as long as they meet the Perkins guidelines, and funds are available.
If the committee denies a grant, an appeal can be submitted to the manager.

Outline for Student Resource and Women’s Center Grant Committee

Scrutiny ???????
What is their ability to benefit from using Perkins funds if they already possess the degree and skills to secure employment? 
Why are they seeking an additional degree?   
What have they done to secure employment with the first degree?  
How recent did they receive the degree?  
Why are they not able to benefit from the degree? 

Legislation in Section 135 (c) 2 (B), states, “provides assistance for postsecondary students, including for adult students who are changing careers or updating skills.”  Interpretation of the legislation, lends itself to allowing Perkins funds to be expended on occupational students with bachelor’s degrees, but again, first consideration should be to those occupational students without bachelor’s degrees


……Guidelines for students who currently hold Bachelor’s Degrees

All categories of SPOPS for the Carl Perkins grant must agree to the following guidelines:
Verification of income
Not eligible to receive more Financial Aid then UNMET FINANCIAL needs
Overfunded with Carl Perkins Financial Aid?
Must meet eligibility criteria
Continuing Carl Perkins funding
COMPASS Test needed unless waived
Individual Plan for Service

Additional Requirements

To be eligible for assistance through the Carl Perkins program, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

Lack the skills necessary for employment and...
Lack recent, skilled full-time work experience and...
Be enrolled in a one/two year State Board approved program that results in a degree/ certificate and...
May not receive more Financial Aid (i.e. Stafford Loan, Pell Grant, SLS, Plus, JTPA, Veterans, Employer reimbursement) than the unmet need as determined by the Financial Aid office and

Your family’s gross income must not exceed:
A. $23, 496.or less for one person
B. $29,362 or less for two people
C. $42,578 or less for four people

Carl Perkins Guidelines

Case Management Assignment

SPOPS as defined by the Perkins Legislation........

Students who make academic progress......

Students who have a strong educational plan....

Students who have not yet received a certificate or Associates degree...

Students who have a non-marketable degree e.g. B.F.A........

Students who are eligible for funding are:

Review Program Intent and Progress
COMPASS scores
Attempted credit hours
Earned credit hours

…… Carl Perkins Funding Decisions

Funding request form (include short narrative of student’s status, Income information, current GPA, current program of study and need request for committee review)
Perkins application with FAFSA income information
Book Estimate with complete list of books
Other requests for special circumstances 

The Case Managers will provide the following information to the committee:

Intake and initial case management meeting.....
Academic Review......
Basic Needs Review....
Community Resource Review....

SRWC Intake Process

Occupational students WITH A BACHELOR'S DEGREE
Last to be considered
Availability of Perkins funds
Occupational students with bachelor’s degrees must submit to the same regulations as an occupational student without a bachelor’s degree.

Guidelines for Students who currently hold Bachelor’s Degrees

30%, 50% or 70% of the total books and/or tuition costs
Exceptions can be made by the committee

Maximum Dollar Amounts for Funding

Mission Statement 
Empowers - Potential in Education and Career development. - Advocates - Review Barriers that impede their Success - Promotes an educational environment - Values diversity, inclusiveness and quality - All are welcome - Sensitive to the Needs of the Adult Student with home, family and full time employment

Comprehensive Educational Case Management Services:

Academic, career and transfer advising
Educational Planning
Provide attendance costs and financial assistance with education expenses to students in occupational programs who qualify as single parents, displaced homemakers, men and women entering nontraditional careers and economically and/or academically disadvantaged.
Mentoring programs, library resources, workshops and cultural events.
Provide community connections.
Emergency food pantry

Student Resource and Women’s Center

Student Resource & Women’s Center
Washtenaw Community College

Income Limits 2013

All six categories of Special Populations are treated equally on the basis of greatest financial need.
Carl Perkins Funding Decisions

Review each case
Banner system
Case Manager's role
Best Practices
Special Population
Eleanor Brundage, LPC, NCC, Case Manager,
Liz Orbits, LPC, NCC, Manager SRWC
Washtenaw Community College
Why Use "Educational Case Management"
A possible intervention that could provide non-traditional student populations the necessary services needed to survive in the academy, successfully complete post-secondary education and compete in the global economy could be educational case management................
In today's community colleges we are seeing students who face additional challenges to completing post secondary education...................
Educational Case Management
“collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation and advocacy” , the goal is to combine these key components helping an individual to reach their full functioning and potential...."
Share Your Best Practices.....
Deans Guide,. 9.0 http://dev.www.michigancc.net/Perkins/resources-guide.aspx?GuideSectionCodeID=171
Carl Perkins Policies as defined by the Dean's Guide
Theory of Educational Case Management
Carl Perkins SRWC Intake and Funding Process
New Students to SRWC 
Complete Intake
Continuing Students
Complete Intake
Previously Funded
Case Manager Re-Assignment

Meet with SRWC Office Manager

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