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Advantages and disadvantages of large chain store and small

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Brigith Pinilla

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Advantages and disadvantages of large chain store and small

Advantages and disadvantages of large chain store and small shops
Time facilities
Don't close at noon and open on Sundays
Supermarkets have helped push down prices.
Provide quality of life because its proximity.
Personalized service and the best attention and professional service.
The small business creates jobs that enjoy stability and decent wages
Why buy in small shops ?
Advantages of large chain stores
They offer a wide range of products
When it comes to making customers happy, small retailers do it best.

An excess in the implementation of new superstores lead to the closure of more than 2000 stores and destruction of 6000 jobs.
Creation of precarious and low quality jobs
Large areas are changing our citizens negatively
Those who go to them , usually spend more than they need
Best prices
They take advantage of the lower cost of purchase
Trust, advice and quality
Higher costs
Not a big financial support for large business
Less product variety
-Because they are our neighbors.

-Because they are close to us.

-Because we help our community.

Local products
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