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Ch 25 DQ

No description

Emily Roberts

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Ch 25 DQ

Why did life alter the condition of women & bring changes like birth control & rising divorce rates to the family? - They no longer had to do work that altered around raising a family and running a home. Video - Divorce became prominent as women tried to be independent. - Many men did not know how to react these changes in women. urban life - the work was less physical
it gave women more opportunities to support themselves
whether or not they were married
they were obliged to work in factories
women who did not have to g out to work were considered to have support Sources - Women could essentially do any job. - Women had opportunities to support themselves even if they were married or not. http://www.apnotes.net/ch25.html Start at :48 - With self support came less need to be married or remain married if you were not happy.
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