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ArtTheory Y1 Shapes (of creatures)

No description

rob van der ven

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of ArtTheory Y1 Shapes (of creatures)

Shapes (of creatures)
Jeroen Bosch,
At the end of the middle ages/beginning of the renaissance, he showed a remarkable view.
Dali (Spain) is one of the most famous Surrealists
A dutch Artist "Melle" also did surreal work. Just after World War II.
He also showed some fear for the future.
The time Melle died, an american Artist "HR Giger" started his vast production of eerie creatures.
Known to us as Aliens, because of the movie(s).
His views of the future aren't to joyful either.
In 1924 in Paris
(The first World War was still in everybodys mind)
a group of artists had an idea: Surrealism.
They worked with the dream world as a starting point. They wanted to escape the real world.
This group expanded to Spain, Belgium, Germany,...
He showed organic as well as geometric shaped creatures. To explain his scary dreams (like Jeroen Bosch had done).
But Dalis dreams handled the future and the new discoveries of those days
Dali at the age of six when he thought he was a girl lifting the skin of the water to see the dog sleeping in the shade of the sea
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