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Iron Man Triathlon

No description

Steven Hu

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Iron Man Triathlon

Iron Man Triathlon
What is the Iron Man Triathlon?
Inequities in Opportunities
The Iron Man Triathlon is a competition that includes biking, swimming and running. Studies show that Iron Man is one of the hardest competitions to complete. This competition is a 140.6 mile journey, usually there are over 2000 athletes to embark on this challenge.
History of the Iron Man Triathlon
In the 1970s a navy officer, John Collins, stationed on the Hawaiian island named Waikiki. His wife, Judy, was creating a game which brings the three hardest races ; biking, running and swimming. On February 18, 1978 the first Iron Man games was held on the shore of Waikiki.
Respect Diversity
Distribution of Wealth
Respect is a very important characteristic. This doesn't show that the Iron Man Triathlon is a representation of respecting diversity because there are not many female participants in the championships.
The Iron Man Triathlon shows that it challenges inequities in opportunities because it encourages females to participants in the Iron man Triathlon. By letting them participate they are showing that they care about females and think that females and males have equal rights.
This does show that the Iron Man Triathlon challenges distribution of wealth
because the athletes practice so hard and dissever to get the wealth.
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