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How to behave in cyberspace

Ted Sakshaug

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Netequitte

Netiquette Profane swearing never did any man any good.
No man is the richer or wiser or happier for it.
- Robert Lowth (Louth) How to behave on the web. Profanity is for those who lack the intelligence
to express themselves in any other manner. Email Email is a part of everyday life.
Some things need to be pointed out. Many people want to keep their
Email address private. Please help them
do this.
When sending Email to
multiple address, put them all
in the Bcc line. That way all of the Email
addresses will not be visible
to the other recipients. Please fill in the subject line.
Some Email filters will reject
messages without a subject. I just delete Email without
a subject. Ever get an Email
that made you angry? Wait before you reply. Angry replies are rarely constructive. It is not always easy to find the unsend button on Email. Wait a day or so before
replying. Email can be saved for many years. What you write is a reflection on who you are. Nothing 'gets back at' angry
people than a reasonable,
well thought out, intelligent
IS CONSIDERED TO BE SHOUTING! *&%#!**&&^ is acceptable
profanity. or Don't be baited into
an argument. Neither irony or sarcasm is an argument- Samuel Butler If you can't spell, use a spell checker. You cannot win an argument
with an insane person. If someone disagrees with you,
consider them insane. Chats and forums are less formal than Email, but most of the same rules apply. Use "Reply All" Sparingly. If ever. Don't forward hoaxes.
Learn how to spot hoaxes. http://www.snopes.com/ Sites such as this can help you verify Email stories. Remember there is a real world
out there. Get out an enjoy it. Don't make the Internet
your life. Social media, chats, and
Email, too. Trolls Are people that like to
pick fights on forums. How to spot a troll: Trolls rarely post
constructive arguments. Some trolls will try to put as
many typos as possible into
their posts to annoy readers. Trolls love controvertial topics.
If someone makes an insulting political post,
it might be a troll. Trolls will almost never give citations.
If they do, it'll be a very bad one. If you "can't believe someone's that stupid!",
they're probably not. Trolls will bring up (usually outdated) speculation;
then rant about about a misguided conclusion. A troll will pretend
to defend their argument
until the death. Read through a good chunk
of the thread before posting.
Often times, people will identify a troll
so that you don't have to. Feeding a troll is almost as bad as being the troll. If you smell a troll, say that you do. Don't get angry, don't rage. Instead, go back to the directory and read another thread. Don't let a troll get under your skin.
Their goal is to annoy you. (See: Trolls) Trolls feed on your anger.
That is fun to them.
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