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The Switchman

No description

Gabriella Blea

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of The Switchman

Juan Jose Arreola was born September 21 1918.
He died on December 3rd 2001
He is considered one of the best mexican short story writers.
Is recognized as one of the first Latin American writers to abandon realism.
The Switchman
Country the author is from
Juan Jose Arreola was born in Ciudad Guzman, Mexico.
Juan Lived in Jalisco, Mexico, which is close to Mexico City.
During the time he was living in Mexico, the mexican revolution war was taking place.
The mexican revolution took place between 1910 and 1920s.
Analysis of the story
The switchman represents the travelers conscious.
The Train represents where he wants to go in life.
"T" is what the path that everyone takes (The easy way out).
"X" is the other path that not many people take because it takes hard work to get there.
Allegorical message
The allegorical message of the switchman is to choose your own path.
Another allegorical message in the story is to make your own decisions in life.
Listen to conscious, and follow your heart!
For teenagers, they have to find out what career or what profession that want to have.
When kids have to chose which parent to go with when there parents are getting divorced.
A traveler shows up at a deserted train station in a desperate need to get to a place called "T". Soon after the Switchman accompanies the traveler, the switchman dressed as a railroad attendant speaks to the traveler about his decisions. The switchman makes the traveler question him self on the path he has chosen in life. When the train arrives, the traveler must make a choice of what path to take.
By: Gabriella, Maliha, Aaron, Chris.
Switchman Summary
Juan Jose Arreola

Examples today the connect to the story.
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