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cris lyn

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of report

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli JAMAICA HAITI & JAMAICA CULTURE/WORLD REGION TAINO ARAWAK RELIGION Roman Catholic MAJOR FOODS Protein Sources Typical Day's Menu Breakfast- coffee & plain bread from manioc flour Culture & World Region 'Xaymaca' meaning "land of wood & water" Major Foods Protein Sources 1492-CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS 17th Century-spain ceded haiti to france Mulatto Francois Dominique Toussaint Jean-Jaques Desalines wealthy class
middle class
lower class-shanty towns Voodoo-a mixture of African animism(spirits & nature) Bondye- creator God Loua/loa-responsible of a particular aspect of life Houngan- male Voodoo priest Mambo- female voodoo priest Haiti LANGUAGE French & Creole fish, shellfish, pork, goat, chiken,beans Starch Sources rice, corn, millet, yam, sorghum Fat Sources pig fat, imported cheese Prominent Vegetables wild greens, black mushroom, okra, lima beans Prominent Fruits citrus fruits, mango, breadfuit, avocado, coconut, plantain Spices & Seasonings Beverages clairin, coffee, soft drinks Desserts Fresco anise, cinnamon, clove, chive, garlic, ginger, leek, lemongrass, mint, onion, parsley, chili pepper, red & green peppers, escallion, thyme Midday- porridge of corn or sorghum Late afternoon- same in midday added with fresh fruit like pineapple or mango or rice & beans Sundays- pumpkin soup Holiday Menus Griot- fried pork haitian bread pineapple nog pain patate- sweet potato, fig, banana pudding pikliz- spicy pickled carrots & cabbage national motto-"Out Many, One People" Capital- Kingston Capital- Port-au-Prince Language- British English, Patois Native people- Tainos lobster & shrimp, fish, chicken, goat, beef, pork Starch Sources rice, breadfruit, bananas, plantains, bread, baked products Fat Sources coconut, palm, butter, lard red & black beans broad beans black eyed peas gungo beans green/yellow lentils yams Sweet potato dasheen cocoa cassava Prominent Vegetables Prominent Fruits Calaloo Okra Cho-cho Calabaza Guava Naseberry Mammy Apple Soursop Otaheite apple Tamarind Spices & Seasonings Escallions Thyme Nutmeg Ginger Scotch Bonnet Pepper Star Apple Sweetsop Beverages Sorrel Sorrel flower Sea moss Jamaica's Blue Mountain Coffee DESSERTS Tarts & pies Typical Day's Menu Breakfast- eggs, bacon, toast, or ackee & salt fish, fried dumplings& hot tea Lunch- meat patty, fruit, juice, or vegetable soup Dinner- rice & peas, curry goat/chicken, jerk pork, fish,chicken, fried plantains/ boiled bananas steamed vegetable/ raw salad ackee & salt fish Sources: sweet potato pudding gizzada bread pudding toto curry goat rice & peas stewed chicken manish water bammy Food with Cultural Significance cow's cod soup pepper pot soup escovitch fish patty duckunoo Religion- 61.3 % Protestant, Roman Catholic 4%, other spiritual cults 34.7% Music & Dance are symbolic expressions of Jamaica www.everyculture.com www.haititravels.com recipes.wikia.com www.squidoo.com www.whats4eats.com www.foodbycountry.com www.everythinghaitian.com www.travelinghaiti.com www.factmonster.com www.mapsofworld.com www.jamaicans.com www.mobay.com www.globeaware.org www.kwintessential.co.uk www.jamaicatravelandculture.com www2.massgeneral.org bestjamaica.com May 4, 1494- Christopher Columbus arrived on the island 1962- Jamaica gained independence from Britain 1655- England seized Jamaica It is situated south of Cuba & west Haiti Population-2.6 million (July 2000 estitamate) Head of state- governor general Head of government- prime minister Pimento Haiti means " mountainous country" jerking-spicy seasoning used to season meat, fish, poultry & vegetables. fire pit vodouists- practitioners or servants of spirits 1803-France surrendered January 1, 1804- first black republic in the world Conch Books: Culinary Essentials
Cultures Around the World black cake
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