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Water lets talk about it

No description

Faith Baxter

on 19 May 2016

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Transcript of Water lets talk about it

8th Grade Shark Tank Project
Lets talk about it

Water makes up about 70% of our planet. So naturally humans need it. Around 60% of the human body is made up of water. But........
Our Solution....
We've designed a patch that can tell you if you're becoming dehydrated. It's called the Dehydration Patch and here's how it works......
The Dehydration Patch
The Dehydration Patch works like a heart rate patch. First, you stick it on your arm and the patch sends the percentage of water you need and the percentage of water you already have. It will send a text to your phone when you need water.

Most people today don't realize that they are dehydrated, in fact 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Dehydration can cause heat stroke which causes organ failure.
Side Effects
Dehydration causes:
kidney stones
confusion and
heat stroke
The Pen
To turn on the patch, you have to turn it on using a digital pen. The pen doesn't just turn the patch on. It tells the percentage of water that is currently in your body and the percentage of water that you need to not be dehydrated. If you do become dehydrated, the pen will start vibrating and the screen will start flashing.
Grace Baxter-17-Female-No
Cat Covatta-14-Female-Yes
Annette Ashby-14-Female-Yes
Caroline Shults-13-Female-Yes
Kearsen Erwin-14-Male-Yes
Allie Haberman-14-Female-Yes
Cassie Martin-14-Female-Yes
Cole Brown-14-Male-Yes
Colton Kennedy-14-Male-Yes
Thomas Cowsar-14-Male-Yes

The people that said yes said that they would use it during physical activities in case they become dehydrated.

The person who said no said that she takes good care of herself and that she didn't think she needed it.
Why Us
Although there is a pill that the NFL uses that
measures the internal temperatures of the players, there is nothing that compares to ours.
Our product will cost $200 and even though it's pricy, you only have to buy one and the patch and the pen are both indestructible and waterproof, so you can use them when you're doing water activities.

With the Dehydration Patch let the hydration last!
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