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ernest rutherford

No description

elijah fairfield

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of ernest rutherford

He is married to Mary Newton SCIENTIST SUPREME He was born on 30th of August in Nelson 1871,New Zealand. At age 66 he died after not feeling well and passed away in October 19th 1937 Cambridge He was the 4th child and second son in a family of 7 sons and 5 daughters. Ernest Rutherford is known for splitting the atom and discovering the nucleus. This is an atom He is the worlds most successful alchemist Rutherford was a very smart man and knew a lot about the atom especially the structure of the atom This is the structure of the atom He studied and became head of the Cavendish Laboratory in England When Rutherford learnt heaps about the atom he had a theory that each atom contained a positively charged nucleus. This is a nucleus This led to the discovery of splitting the atom If it hadn't been for Rutherford and his fantastic understanding of the atom there would be no modern electronics industry. Some quick facts about Ernest Rutherford: His nickname is crocodile because he always looked forwards. He published his first book called Radioactivity in 1904 2 of his brothers drowned in 1886 Craters on both the moon and mars have been named after Rutherford In 1992 new banknotes were being made and his face is on the $100 note. Cambridge physics NZ History Christchurch city library Quote from Ernest Rutherford: 'All science is either physics or stamp collecting' The way Ernest Rutherford split the atom was by shooting radioactive particles through minutely thin metal foils into the atom and detecting them using screens coated with zinc sulfide.
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