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Internet Safety

No description

Skylar Conran

on 10 May 2017

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Transcript of Internet Safety

Netiquette has a basic rule which is a code of conduct for having good manners.
A flamewar is an insulting argument between two or more people.
Things About Nettiquette
Netiquette is a set of rules for how to behave online. Two things you should remember about being online that don’t use all caps, it's rude and watch the conversation before you get in it to see if they have a lot of arguments.You should stay away from using all caps because it is rude. Some one could misunderstand a text because someone could be being funny but you might think they are being mean.What you should do before sending a email to someone is make sure you have no run on sentences and not all caps.
Things About Social Networks
You should be careful because you could be embarrassing someone and they can become a cyber bully victim. What you can do to stop someone looking set your account to private.
Social Network
By: Skylar Conran
Internner Safety: Netiquette and Social Networks
A social network website is a website that reaches a lot of people. Two examples of a social networks are facebook and instagram.A benefit of social networks are getting news faster. You should be friends with someone who doesn't post embarrassing things about other people without permission.
The End
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