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Industrial Revolution

Nina and Alyssa's Presentation (Freshman English)

Nina Lin

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution

About 1000 little boys and girls, sometimes not more than five or six years old, were employed in tending machine, farming, and other various jobs that an adult should do. Child Labor Many factory workers were children. They worked long hours and were treated badly by the supervisors. A young child could not earn much, but even a few cents would be enough to buy some food. They worked in mines, cotton mills, as salesman, and other variety of jobs. There were many more jobs they did. They spent most of their working hours with little time for fresh air. There were some serious accidents, some children got there hair caught in the machines. Some got killed when they fall asleep and fell into the machines. Like this boy for example. So What Happened During The Beginning Of The Industrial Revolution? New Class System Started. 1st Class-Aristocrats
which are the people who were wealthy. 2nd Class-Professional,
people who had educated jobs. 3rd Class- Working,
people who worked as a servant or those who didn't own land. Factory owners lived like nobles. Factory workers worked very long hours in horrible condition. Families which included children and adults had to work to make enough money to live. Factory Worker Seafood Worker Little Salesman Farm Work Cleaning Shoes Selling Newspapers Train Worker Children working field. The Industrial Revolution By Nina Lin & Alyssa Smith
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