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G-Sync vs. Freesync

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Fisher Yeargan

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of G-Sync vs. Freesync

What is screen-tearing and why is it important?
-Visual artifact tied to the monitor's refresh rate and GPU frame rate

-Causes a horizontal cut in the view

-Ruins immersion

-Increases difficulty in competitive games

-Worsens the visual experience as a whole
Which To Choose?

1. Which GPU

2. Cost

3. Display Refresh Rate, Resolution, and Features

How is it remedied?
1. V-Sync
-The frame rate from the GPU is a slave to the monitor's refresh rate

2. NVidia G-Sync
-Synchronizes the display to the output of the GPU

3. AMD FreeSync
-Synchronizes the display through DisplayPort Adaptive Sync
Lessons and The Future


More Info?

Other Thoughts?
G-Sync vs. FreeSync
Thank You!
By Fisher Yeargan
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