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Bulldog Bark Newsletter

No description

Ben VandenBerg

on 21 September 2018

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Transcript of Bulldog Bark Newsletter

Peoria Academy
PA News and Announcements
5809 N Forest Park Dr
Over 500 acres of nature preserve featuring trails, a natural history museum & a bird observatory.
September 24 - September 28
Lunch Menu
Solar Energy Reports -
So far this month, Peoria Academy’s solar panels have produced a total of 99.0 kWh!

They produced 40.9 kWh in the past week!

So far, they have produced a lifetime total of 8.47 MWh!

Monday, September 24 - Hot turkey and cheese sandwich with green beans and peaches

Peoria Academy Dates:
Generic Card
Generic Card
generic #1
generic #1
Upcoming Birthdays!
Go Bulldogs!
Athletics Schedule
Click on this...
ctrl+C (to copy)
click on the background
ctrl+V (to paste)
Visit our Friends at Just Kidz Dentistry, Washington, IL
Need some landscaping love? Check out Partners With Nature of Peoria for all of your landscape needs.
Forest Park Nature Center

Sept. 25th and 26th - Girl Scout Bake Sale 3-4:00
September 28 - Uniform Free Day!
October 4th - End of 1st Quarter - 1/2 day, 11:30 dismissal
October 5th - Parent-Teacher conferences (No School)
October 8th - Columbus Day (No School)
The Girl Scouts are having a bake sale on the 26, so get ready for lots of delicious treats!

September 27 is Picture Day, so make sure to look your best! Retakes will be available on October 25.

On September 28, there will be a scheduled bus drill and a uniform free day!

Jokes and Riddles
What starts with a P, ends with an E and has thousands of letters?

The Post Office!
Peoria Place of Interest
AEP News
Academic classes and clubs are a great way to try out all of the new skills that you learn in school, and master some new ones! If you’re interested, you can try…
(K-8th) Chess with Mr. Rhodes! Learn rules, strategies, and spatial thinking with this fun class for all skill levels!

(JK-4th) LEGO Challenge with Ms. Gianessi! Challenge your LEGO skills with this awesome STEM class!

(JK-4th) Games Galore with Ms. Gianessi! Use reading, writing, and all of the letters of STEAM to celebrate the Olympics!

(K-4th, 5-8th, or adults!) Club de Español with Mr. Arenas! Learn all about Spanish culture and language every Thursday in this great new class!

Try out one of these fabulous options today!
Generic Card
Generic Card
generic #1
generic #1
Wednesday, September 26 - Macaroni and cheese with steamed broccoli and mixed fruit

Friday, September 28 - Cheese pizza with carrot sticks, ranch, and apple slices

Tuesday, September 25 - Wheat spaghetti with marinara or meat sauce, tossed salad, and pears
Thursday, September 27 - Chicken nuggets with mashed potatoes and green beans

Isabelle (1st Grade) - September 22

Ammini (1st Grade) - September 24

Noah (7th Grade) - September 24

Sofia (5th Grade) - September 26

Liliana (Pre-K) - October 3

Alayna (7th Grade) - October 5

James (3rd Grade) - October 8

Charlotte (1st Grade) - October 8

Blythe (Pre-K) - October 9

Max (Pre-K) - October 11

Mateo (6th Grade) - October 11

September 25 - Cross Country Meet at PA

September 27 - Cross Country Invitational at Alpha Park

October 1 - Cross Country Meet at Tremont High School

October 6 - Cross Country Sectionals

October 29 - Boys Basketball at St. Jude Catholic School

Come and support your Cross Country and Boys Basketball teams!

We've got class.
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