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No description

Juan Esteban Lopez Ortega

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Pharma

Alliances Infraestructure Scope of Operation and
Value Proposition
Pharma Sector Volume Figures Quality Technology Infraestructure Customers Processes Infraestructure Storage capacity of 24200 pallet positions under controlled temperature. Controlled temperature warehouse with 15 docks for inbound and 12 docks for shipping. 2900 sqm in two different areas for reworking (labeling, packaging, etc.). 6000 sqm in areas for staging and handling of products. Facilities in the Tocumen International Airport with temperature controlled and cool room. Services Tracking of inbound goods based on ETA. Goods pickup from port/airport, transfer to Distribution Center in qualified trucks and under GSP, GDP quality compliance. Unloading, segregation and location of inbound goods in racks. Storage. Handling and inventory control. Order pick and pack, shipment consolidation. Services Value added services. Export shipment transportation to port/airport with qualified trucks and under GSP, GDP compliance. Remote visibility of the operation. Statistical information and reporting. Commercial invoice issuance. Cold room with 750 pallets of storage capacity. Storage areas for controlled and oncologyc products Technology JD Edwards E1 (WMS Module, TMS Module) Business Process Management System Microsoft Sharepoint (Performance Monitor and Dashboard functionalities) RFID Functionalities (Under implementation) Integration through EDI interfaces with multiples platforms High availability and reliability of the information technology infraestructure using redundancy strategies Quality Certifications (GMP, GSP, ISO 9001:2008, BASC) Quality management system
Complete structure (Quality manager, Documentation + non compliance analysts)
Focus on continuous improvement.
Flexibiliy to change according to clients’ requirements. Audits
Internal: Qualified internal auditors
External: Clients, inspectors Processes Real time processes fully integrated with BPM system. Interactive integration of other participants in the supply chain to the Distribution Center processes using BPM system. Performance indicators established and monitored for every process Pharma Customers Strategic Alliances Services Volume Figures
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