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Is Our World Becoming a Dystopia Society?

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Daniela Pereira

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of Is Our World Becoming a Dystopia Society?

Thank You!
Discriminating "different" relationships makes us just as bad as the Party.
Authorities Deceive Their People
Government's throughout the world hide information that they do not the general population to know. Like these deceptive governments, within
the Party deceives the society's knowledge as they rewrite books and history without telling the public or their alternations. However, unlike the characters in
, we are able to notice and speak about the deception that occurs.
NSA Scandal
On June 5th 2013, a man named Edward Snowden exposed that the NSA (National Security Agency) would listen in the American population's phone records
without their discretion
. There has also been conspiracies that the American governement invades other phone records worldwide. As a result of exposing the truth to a nation, he is now wanted by the federal government.

Even though this secret was exposed, there is no further action taken to counter the government's immoral actions.

As if abuse of power was not enough; poverty in the world only causes more hostility, vulnerability and fear.
Our world is becoming a dystopia due to our closed-mindedness, our failure to act when our law acts unjustly, and our failure to successfully support the unfortunate when they need our help. You see, the standards within
compared to today are very similar, and in some cases worse. If the world continues to behave without change,
our world will soon become a dystopian society.
The main cause of our dysfunctional world is us. We are the ones who fail to act of change when unjust issues are faced. We, as a part of society target individuals, making them vulnerable.
Is Our World Becoming a Dystopian Society?
Within our world, there are several social and legal barriers, which prevent people from exploiting feelings. As a result, these people may feel isolated from society.
The following video was a 30 second Superbowl commercial aired in 2013. The ad gives a brief overview a an interracial family's breakfast. There was much hysteria about this video due to the interracial couple. There were several negative and discriminatory comments discouraging interracial relationships which ultimately cause the comments to be disabled. These YouTube comments were written by communities all around the world, which demonstrates that interracial love is discouraged throughout the world. Please proceed by watching the video.
Similar to how interracial love is discouraged, several countries around the world also discourage same sex relationships. Furthermore, in countries like Uganda, homosexuality is a
. If accused with homosexuality the individual can face life in prison. Therefore the government only strengthens the disapproval by inducting such laws against homosexuality. Through the pressures against homosexuality, oppress their feelings due to fear of consequences.
Our social rules aren't that different than those in 1984.
When reflecting back to
, we notice that our rules and social standards of certain characters are not so different from our world's. For example the Proles in
represent the minorities in our society. People within
cannot love or even interact with proles for is they did is would cause great suspicion. Likewise, when two "different" people love one another society disapproves of their action, thus promoting hatred.
Image above shows Edward Snowden
Those who are there to serve and protect us seem to harm and deceive us
It seems almost common to hear of police brutality cases through the media. Whether its in Canada, the United States of America, Egypt or third world countries, it is undoubtedly recognized as a problem. It is cases like James Mandarino that really make you question how much you can really trust authorities.

James Mandarino was a police officer that won the "Cop of the Year Award" in Streamwood, Illinois that was charged with police brutality. James Mandarino attacked two victims, he hit one with a baton 15 time for no reason whatsoever, and was exposed due to a video camera from the squad car. Moreover, James Mandarino's case demonstrated the possible monstrosity that can occur in what we call our justice system.
So maybe our justice system isn't so different from the Party in George Ewell's 1984?
Through the NSA scandal, we realize that are privacy is constantly monitored, just as telescreens intrude on the characters' privacy in
. Furthermore, as both American citizens today, and the characters of
both are aware of the invasion of privacy as well as abuse of authority. Instead, both in text and in reality people choose to disregard the deception of their government like in the NSA case.

James Mandarina's case is similar to the act of being "vapourized" in
. Just as the victims, Syme also did not do anything wrong.It was his intelligence that made him a threat, thus entitling his doom.
Just as deception of authority seems to be an epidemic, poverty is also an epidemic creating millions of fatalities each year. This worldwide epidemic has struck thousands of families in the most prominent countries like Canada and the U.S as well as in 3rd world countries like Ethiopia and Somalia. The issue with poverty is that many of the donations and aid we give to help assist those in need are only short term solutions. Even with international aid these countries are still vulnerable. Each day children,teenager and adults succumb to easy preventable illness, but cannot treat themselves. As a result, several of these victims die.

How many times a day do you see commercials like this?
**Caution, some images may be strong
What did you see?

Children crying of hunger and so malnourished that their stomachs are bloated. The suffering and unfortunate circumstances they endure.

Doesn't that sound familiar?
Remember Winston complaining about his ulcer and food quality?It is obvious that it is today's world which demonstrates MUCH more severe circumstances to 1984 in regard to poverty. At least people in
were fed where as in reality over
800 000 000
people go hungry per day. Furthermore, just as Winston suffers with an ulcer,
of people suffer and die of preventable diseases. Therefore in regard to poverty, the novel
seems like the better place to live in.
Cheerio's Commercial
Homosexual a crime?
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