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Global Roadmap

No description

Kristine Forret

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of Global Roadmap

Where are we?
Assessment Team Discovers We're Not Ready for Tier 3
Action > Desire = Success
In order to succeed,
our desire for success
should be greater than our fear of failure

Time to take a closer look
Tier 3: Identified Gaps
Expanded award capabilities (GEM and IA)
Invoicing in multi-currency and/or multi-billing contacts
Client expects expertise/advice for legal/taxation questions
Expanded participant support hours
Flexible Client Management availability
Support of 10+ languages
Multiple Client Contacts where English is NOT preferred.
Multiple Client Contacts
Our Global Goals should be S.M.A.R.T.

S- Specific
M- Measurable
A- Attainable
R- Relevant
T- Trackable
What's the need?
Makes us aware of our weaknesses so you can improve upon them and make them into strengths
Separates fantasies from real possibilities
Forces us to set priorities, which helps reduce inefficient action or effort
Gives you a "track to run on" --a path to follow so you know where you are going
Helps us visualize and plan actions to achieve what we want
Reminds us of past victories to help motivate in current goals
Improves communication
Make us aware of your own strengths
Serves as a guide in making decisions
Learn from
our research
Clear Communication:

Keeping sales and operations up to date on all new research.

Chatter, Webinars, SalesForce Library
Sales Support:

Collaboration with sales to identify client opportunities that are within our evolving capabilities.
Set Priorities:
Not all gaps can be fixed at one time. A prioritization list will allow us to remain focused and capitalize on changes that will get us the biggest results.

"It's not about effort, but results"
Tom Mahoney
Business Unit Support:

Collaborate with leadership to research possible solutions to their specific issues. Leverage enterprise wide research to create the biggest impact.

Throughout each research step, identify short and long term goals for Tier 3 needs.

Support Business Unit Leadership in identifying key roles that will be impacted by additional services.
and enjoy the journey!
Set the bar right!
Knowing when
to say Yes and No
Don't set expectation that set the teams up to fail.

Communication will be key
Be honest with ourselves
and recognize if we don't accomplish a goal, it's smart to readjust the goal and make it into something we can accomplish and be proud of!
Make the most of our potential!
Make sure we have fun on the way...
Lets Create and Define Vision
Language toggle within all technology platforms.
Different rule structures by audience
What do our clients need?
Where do we want to go?
What holds the most value for our clients?
What do we want to accomplish?
Who do we want to be?
"69 out of our 85 clients have a global reach", Doug Stine
Next Steps
Reinforce with Business Unit Leadership that Global is priority and their participation is necessary.

Identify key Business Unit Resources to support research and maintain accountability for their deliverables.
Allow TS resources to support Dropship Integrations
Besides our own client lists, consider the following...
Global Recognition Programs
"46% of participating organization with employees outside of North America indicated that global employees participate in all or most of the same recognition programs as North American employees." ITA Group/World at Work Trends in Employee Recognition Research, June 2013

Germany Has a Serious Management Problem
"While most of the country's employees report being satisfied at work, only 15% are engaged with their jobs." Gallup, April 2013

Is India Having a Crisis of Soul?
"One-third of Indian workers are actively disengaged. Economics comes down to millions of individual workers and what they experience at work. The worker's story from India is discouraging: 33% of employees are what Gallup scientists refer to as "actively disengaged," Deepak Chopra and Jim Clifton
Proven Track Record:
Stats for Level 2 Client
Share our experience for helping clients ignite the passion within their audience to achieve their goals.
Starts Here: Steps Needed to Execute our Future
2-3 Weeks (estimated)
Leverage SFDC to expand tracking for global program potential revenue
2-3 Weeks (estimated)
Continue to identify common client questions and requirements in Global RFPs and program opportunities
Ongoing Needs: Invest in system capabilities: PCentral, IAS, ETS, etc.
Ongoing Discussions: Review of resources needed for support of research
Ongoing Discussions: Review and evaluation of supplier/partners
3-6 months (estimated)
Begin researching key areas for continued growth:
Cultural Consulting
Legal and Tax Advice
Client Support Enhancements
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