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Welcome to my interactive resume

Justin F

on 28 March 2015

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Transcript of JFResume


Welcome to my interactive resume.

I feel that if we aim to stand out from the crowd with our approach towards sales and marketing...
My name is xxx and I'd love to give you a quick run down of how I've got to where I am today...
I was born and raised in beautiful Zimbabwe.
Through a combination of the following factors, I set my mind on living in Australia when I grew up...
so, through exposure to some appealing Australian marketing...
... Kylie's kind eyes ...
...and sadly, a lack of love from my countrymen...
I set my sights on the goal to live in the land of Oz.
This involved quite a few steps, starting with:
Working hard at school:

St. John’s College, Harare, Zimbabwe (1996-2001)

GCE’A’ Levels in English, Maths and Business Management
President of Toastmasters’ Society
School Prefect
Member of Sports Teams; Rugby (captain for two years), Water Polo, Athletics, Cricket and Tennis.
Emigrate to the UK:

Gap Student coaching sports at Epsom College, Surrey
(Every year my high school St. John's would pick and choose 2 final year students to go and represent the school in the UK)
I was one of them.
It was back to the books as I studied a Double Diploma in Sports Therapy and Personal Training through the International Institute of Sports Therapy, London.
I started working as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist at La Fitness, St Pauls, London and got my first paycheck. Happy days.
I was introduced to the impact of Marketing and Innovation.
Loving the interaction with people, I soon realised that if you 'market' yourself correctly, innovate your services, actively promote yourself and provide an exceptional customer service experience, you can acheive great things. And get a bigger paycheck.
After bidding farewell to my client base, donning backpack and hippy beads, I decided to hit the road around Europe, NZ, Asia...
Next goal:
Time to get my foot in the door of the corporate world
With no office experience, I got a job packing envelopes at an Advertising Agency, TMP Worldwide in London.
Through hard work, determination and an endless supply of fresh ideas, I received 4 promotions in as many years. http://www.tmpw.co.uk/
and of course, Down Under!
Campaign Coordinator (08/2004 – 07/2005)
Recruitment Solutions

Responsible for the effective running of clients’ recruitment campaigns whilst keeping clients and candidates informed of their progress in the application process.
Screening and marking of application forms ensuring that the most suitable candidates progress to the next stage of the recruitment process.
Providing exceptional customer service to both clients and candidates.
Assessment Coordinator (07/2005 – 12/2005)
Recruitment Solutions

Administering and marking of psychometric tests and facilitating assessment days for clients such as Lloyd’s Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, MI5, Home Office and Powergen.
Event co-ordination including booking venues, associates and materials for the successful delivery of assessment days.
Coordination of approximately 150 associates to ensure they are always appropriately briefed before and after any work carried out on our behalf
Project Manager (12/2005 – 08/2006)
Recruitment Solutions

UK-wide project and event management of over 3,000 candidates at each stage of the recruitment process in the most cost effective and efficient manner while providing the best possible candidate experience. Clients include Lloyd’s Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Home Office, MI5 and HM Prison Service.
Selection of associates and staff through screening, telephone and face-to-face competency based interviews.
Job analysis of specific roles to determine essential selection criteria and relevant competency questions.
Administering and marking of psychometric tests and facilitating assessment days.
Mentoring and development of assessment coordinators.
Managing all financial issues for the Department including monthly and weekly forecasting, billing clients, raising purchase orders and liaising with the Finance department for any queries.
Account Manager (08/2006 – 12/2007)
Recruitment Advertising

Running both public and private sector marketing accounts while acting as the first point of contact between the client, media and other areas of the business to ensure that the best possible service is delivered on time and to the correct specifications. Clients include HM Prison Service, Royal Caribbean International, Kingston University and Barnardos Children’s Charity.
Writing proposals offering the best advertising and marketing strategies to achieve candidate targets.
Negotiating rates with clients and media to maximise revenue for both off and on-line solutions.
Managing my accounts’ financial issues including budgeting, forecasting and month-end billing of clients.
Major Achievements:

Recognition as one of 'The Ten TMP Team Members Doing Great Things'
Grew the MI5 Account's annual revenue from approx $50,000 to $600,000 through building strong trust and respect within an extremely secretive organisation.
Worked alongside the Marketing and Branding teams to develop the new MI5 brand and was subsequently asked to join the Marketing team.
Major Achievements:
Annual Marketing Plans for 4 Departments of Kingston University developed and pitched for, winning all 4.
At the same time, I was able to negotiate costs with online and offline media providers, doubling my KPI targets.
6 years of very rewarding study
+ work experience
+ lack of sunshine
= The Opportunity to move to Australia on a working holiday visa.
Goal Achieved!
Embracing love, sunshine and the well-timed start of a looming ''recession'', I set out to find a great job that would offer a Business Sponsorship Visa.
''xxxx, with this recession, you are more likely to stay in Australia by finding a wife on RSVP.''
Ignoring the foolish words offered by my immigration lawyer, I stuck to my goal and started finding temporary work in a very tough market...
Deutsche Bank, Sydney (09/2008 – 11/2008)
Corporate Loans Department

Meticulous organisation and creation of online and hard copy filing systems for over 10 years worth of corporate loan agreements
Creation of spreadsheets, scanning, data entry and any other support required by the Department
Dept. of Communities (11/2008 – 02/2009)
Community Recovery Team Support

Assisting those affected by the November 2008 SEQ Storms through correctly directing phone calls and analysis of application forms to ensure their matters would be dealt with sensitively and efficiently .
While this was a simple role, I learnt so much through dealing will very troubled and distressed individuals.
I was also extremely humbled by the resolve of communities and individuals who had lost absolutely everything in the storms and could still find it in themselves to be as optimistic as possible.
Major Achievements:
Out of the 30 plus temporary staff assigned to this project, I was the only person offered a further contract for the next phases of work.
Along with continuing the Recovery Support role, this also involved the testing of a new Applicant Tracking System to increase user ability and finding areas for improvement.
I successfully compiled a comprehensive report on suggested improvements for the ATS.
After 6 months, I secured a fantastic job and got my Business Sponsorship Visa approved.
Goal Achieved!
Current role:

Practice Development Advisor (04/2009 – present)
Principa, Brisbane

Maximising revenue through the account management and training of approximately 75 accounting firms across Australia and NZ to ensure they continued using our products, business development methodologies and software as much as possible
At the same time, using smart marketing and sales techniques to achieve set KPIs of gaining new member firms and strategic alliances
Researching, editing and delivery of marketing campaigns for Principa, Australian Business Camps and selected clients
Presenting to, and advising clients on business development, marketing and using social media.
Major Achievements:

Through smart marketing, networking, face-to-face, telephone and webinar contact, I surpassed pro-rata membership targets in both new member attraction (12 firms worth $84,000) and active member retention (75 firms worth $525,000)
By using targeted marketing and gaining an in-depth knowledge of the accounting and business services sector, I won my first large sale after 2 months (KPI was 4 months)
Through testing, market research and statistical analysis of marketing campaigns I achieved 96% fill rate of events, an average CTR of 24% for prospects (market sector average is 18%)
Within 3 months, I was tasked with the supervision of another Practice Development Advisor and Administration Assistant.
I am also currently studying for a Master of Business Administration through USQ
aiming to finish in 2012, specialising in Marketing
So with my post-grad qualification on its way and a successful track record of writing and delivering marketing strategies, smashing sales targets, Account and Project Management, Event Management, exceptional customer service...
...combined with my driven and motivated nature, together with a genuine enjoyment of working with people
I am looking for a new role that can challenge me and once again get me out of my comfort zone.
What are my current goals?
Goal 1: Finish and excel in my MBA
Goal 2
(Think of this as the Interests section of the CV):

Complete an Ironman distance triathlon (Swim 3.8km, ride 180km, run 42km)

I have completed the Olympic and Half Ironman distances so I'm still on track.
Goal 3:
Create a Marketing campaign that goes viral.

Goal 4:
Land a role within a forward thinking,
innovative and results driven organisation.
Last, but by no means least...
I would like to be based in Brisbane but would be happy to discuss the possibility of relocating to Sydney
The following people value the contribution that I have made in my previous roles and are willing to provide references:
I would love to hear from you on:

Phone: xxxx

Otherwise please take a moment to leave some feedback here: http://justinfalk.wufoo.com/forms/so-about-that-presentation/
shouldn't we be doing the same when we're looking for that AWESOME job?
Thank you for you time and feel free to send this on to a friend.

Just remember...

the end
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