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SWOT Analysis on Coach Inc.

No description

Carly Payerl

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of SWOT Analysis on Coach Inc.

SWOT Analysis on Coach Inc.
SWOT Analysis
Leading American luxury leather goods company.

They sell many accessories.

Mainly handbags for women, but also wallets, luggage, watches, briefcases, footwear and much more.

Brief Overview
Coach Inc. was founded in New York, NY in 1941.

They have 730 store locations around the world.

-Leading luxury leather goods company in the USA
-Wide range of accessories
-Product depth - 70+ years of designs to build off of
-Developed a respected reputation for providing their customers with quality products
-Advertisements on the internet and shopping centers
-Press Releases
-Large range of pricing because of the variety of products
-Attracts lower-income consumers, not just the wealthy
-Online ordering is available on their website
-Numerous full price stores with excellent store design
-Products are also sold at department stores and outlets
-Little selection for men
-Poor inventory turnover rate
-No direct announcements to public about new products
-New products start at full price
-Selling more at outlet stores than full-priced stores
-Relies on USA, Canada and Japan for majority of sales
-Hasn't fully expanded into other countries
-High potential for increased sales with new product lines based on each season
-Promote in other countries to bring awareness of brand and reputation
-Can attract more customers because of the lower priced items compared to competitors
-The option of online purchasing could increase as technology develops
-Increase number of stores in North American market
-Flexible dependency on suppliers
-Slowly putting stores in other countries, such as China and European countries
-Counterfeit products on the market
-Economic downturn in USA
-Young adults and teens attracted to Coach products as hot items during a phase and later move on, causes the older customers to chose another company instead
-Exchange rate risks if they enter new foreign markets
-Not enough stores around the world, which hurts their consumer market
-Limited to North America and Japan
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