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Evaluation Question 4

Evaluation Question 4- Who would be the audience for your media product

Oonagh Turner

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Evaluation Question 4

Evaluation Question 4 Who would be the audience for your media product? For several reasons, we decided upon the age group the we ourselves fall into. Not only would this enable us to have a lot of contact with people our age who would be willing to act, contribute and advise us on our thriller sequence, but it ensures that we have a specific idea ourselves what people of this social group like. The age group we finalised on was from 13-19. This is a wide group that would enable a lot of feedback.

We used social networking sites such as Facebook to gain feedback from people our age. We created a group, and used it to post our sequence, other videos and images. We also created a survey, using survey monkey in order to ensure feedback. This research was useful in providing the audience with exactly what they want form a thriller sequence. We believe that the age group we chose would appriciate our work, and also that it would appeal to them. This is for various reasons, such as the costume design, the location, and also the use of the main character being of this age range. From audience research, we discovered that younger generations of people tended to like psychological thrillers and intriguing plots, and we therefore decided to base our age around this similarity in interests and therefore draw on what they know.
We also believe however that our final sequence would appeal to other adults as well as teenagers and adolescents. This is because older members of society with children of the same age as the main character would undoubtedly feel affected in some way by someone similar to their own daughter being attacked. As well as this, the fact that our sequence is shot in a suburban family dominated area means that adults would also potentially be attracted to the film. Therefore it is unquestionable that other target markets may also enjoy our sequence.
How Why Teenagers 13-18 Inspiration Various links that the members of the group could click on in order to help us analyse. Comments on the 'Wall' of our facebook page indicating to members where they can watch our footage and shots. We also posted the final cut onto facebook, which enabled over 50 views, and therefore lots of feedback The survey we created on 'Survey Monkey', which meant we could access our target market's idea of what a thriller should appear like and how it should be shot. Adults Why Although it seems possible that older members of society would enjoy our sequence, it would not be the more prominent audience for various reasons. Firstly, the main character Sophie is evidently a young teenager and would therefore appeal more to the younger generations. Ethnicity Asa the sequence is set in Britain, it would undoubtedly be more popular within Britain as apposed to abroad. However, as the issue of stalking and rape is a serious world wide problem, it would appeal to any ethnicity, as it effects all. Also, our sequence is clearly set in London, made evident by the London transport signs that are clearly depicted within several shots. As London is an extremely multiracial area of Britain, it would appeal to all races that also live in London. Gender Although the main character of our opening sequence is female, the issue of rape is a serious problem that should be directed at all genders. We believe that despite the female dominence throughout the rest of the film, male adolescents would still be interested regarding the plot. This has also been proven through our audience research, where a large percentage of the male members of our target market said they enjoyed psychological thriller films.
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