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Main World by Francesco Filippi - Planetary Democracy Website

Main World is the first site of global democracy existing that gives everyone the opportunity to make decisions for the future of the world on topics chosen by members such as education, economy, politics, science, ethics, environment, security and others

Francesco Filippi

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Main World by Francesco Filippi - Planetary Democracy Website

There is a place where people create the future for mankind... A virtual place where anyone can make decisions for the future of the World about education, ethics, science, environment, economics, politics and security. …which we want society…. Together people make decisions about the main issues for the evolution of society. So that decisions are well-considered and responsible, everyone is required… …to highlight his own understanding of the topics. …and on which matters, can help us to understand how society is developping. Knowing that the World is going in another direction… …which suggests what consequences the decisions would have… …enable us to understand how populations are connected to form a sole entity. Knowing in real time how many people are making decisions, on which matters and how far they are from you… …to aim for. Environmental protection, reduction of poverty, social justice, health care and education for everyone, less conflict are all shared matters. …on the future of the World. ...can make us aware,
and more responsible about the decisions we leave to others but which each one of us should make. ...this place is Main World. Making common choices… …can make the difference… …to create a higlhly-civilised society. …than the one we expected… DECISION PLATFORM Knowing who is making decisions… by Francesco Filippi The decisions on the proposed topics that receive the most votes are regarded as shared values... In the near future, the final decisions may be processed by a sophisticated predictive algorithm ...
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