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The Death of President Lincoln

No description

makenna flynn

on 28 February 2012

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Transcript of The Death of President Lincoln

The Death of President Lincoln
April 11, 1865-The President Lincoln gave a speech about General Lee's surrender. In the audience was a man named John Wilkes Booth who snarled at his friend," Thats the last speech he'll ever make.
Lincoln And his family went to the Ford's theater to watch Booth perfom but this time it was a little different.
Booth was a racist. He had been a spy
for the south and he thought
the person most responsible for
the Souths loss was President Lincoln.
He must pay
His first plan was to capture him and take him to Richmond. in exchange for the President he wanted all the prisoned people of the South. When that plan failed he decided to just kill him
President Lincoln refused gaurds even after getting threatening letters. He just laughed it off and said that no American President has ever been killed and that it would just put the idea in peoples head.
April 14, 1865- Lincoln went to meet his
cabinet and a special guest, General Grant
at the ford theater. Grant had to decline, and
even though he didn't want to go without
Grant He new Mary, his wife was looking
forward to going so he went without complaint.
There was a part of a scene with a lot of laughter that would be the perfect time to strike.
Booth went inside after the gaurd
had left his postand as the actor and
audience laughed he raised his pistol then.
He fired into the
presidents head.
As he jumped of the railing he shouted revenge for the south. As he jumped down the he yelled "Sic Semper Tyrannis"(A latin phrase for Thus Always to Tyrants)
he broke his leg but still managed to escape only to be found later in a barn
Lincoln took his last breath the next morning
Thinking he had struck a big blow for the south he couldn't have been more mistaken. It was Lincoln who said,"With malice toward none;Charity to all. It was Lincoln who held out best of hope for peace without bitterness, and it was him who was talking about bringing Southern states back into the Union.
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