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Cancer Fighting Foods.

No description

Hope Bolick

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Cancer Fighting Foods.

Cancer Fighting Foods. Superfoods and Vitamins. Broccoli, Kale, Turnip greens, Cabbage, Cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. Ginger is also included along with a spice called Curcumin. There is also a large range of teas that have flavonoids that can help kick cancer's butt. Fruits, especially apples WITH THE SKIN are really good, too. Vitamin D, which is known for boosting healthy skin is found in whole milk, eggs, cod, shrimp, salmon, and sunshine and can help fight cancer along with its equally helpful sidekick, folate. A B-complex vitamin found in fortified cereals, breads, and even dark green salads and nuts. What is cancer? DNA is the instruction manual for all of the cells in our bodies. It tells them what to do, how to do their job, and then when they're done, they die. But sometimes, through reproduction or something in the environment, they can mutate, the DNA changes, and they don't die. They reproduce over and over, making more and more mutated cells, until they become a mass of cancerous cells which can kill the body if not treated. But there are things you can do to lower your risks of developing this disease, even your diet! What about the foods that can cause cancer? Did you know that even what you drink can affect your
risk of getting cancer? Sodas, sweetened tea, juices, and even Gatorade can help cause cancer. All these drinks are high in refined sugar and can feed carcinogens, which are cancer causing substances, and can cause cancerous tumors and help it grow. Also, hot dogs, which can also help carcinogens, pickled foods such as fish and eggs, fried foods like doughnuts, french fries, and onion rings are all high in salt and fat content and are fried at high temperatures, creating mutagenic byproducts. And lastly, red meats and burnt meats can cause carcinogens to be created. Exercise!!! Exercise is easy to incorporate into a
busy day is you make an effort. Here's some tips!

Start out slow and make sure you
have medical clearance from your doctor. Make exercise a priority and use the people
around you to make it fun and entertaining
so it doesn't feel like a chore. It's never too late to start exercising because
from exercises even counter the frailty that comes
with old age. Read health magazines or surf the web to find
new, EASY ways to move your body in a pain free,
fun way that's perfect for you and your family!
Share your knowledge and spread the
words about the benefits of exercise! Why did I pick this subject?
My aunt is currently surviving
with both thyroid and breast cancer
and I know a lot of others that are doing
the same. And I've also known those who have died.
Its become such a common cause of death and a cure is
yet to come. So I'm here to share the fact that you can lower
your risk of getting this disease through everyday pieces of your life so you and your future family can live a longer, healthier life. El Fin.
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