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Rock Cycle

No description

sameen tariq

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Rock Cycle

Rock Cycle
What is the rock cycle?
The rock cycle is a model that describe the formation, breakdown and reformation of a rock.
What are the different types of rock?
Igneous rock: granite, obsidian ,basalt

sedimentary rock: chalk, limestone, shale

metamorphic rock :slate and marble
Igneous rock form when molten rock cools and hardens either deep underground or on the surface of the earth.
2 types of igneous rock
How do Igneous rock forms?
Deep inside the earth the temperature is very hot. It is so hot that it melts rock. The melted rock is called magma. when a volcano erupts the magma pours out.When magma comes out of the volcano it is called lava.
Extrusive: form when lava cools above earth's surface, contains small crystals.
Intrusive : cools slowly, deep under the earth's surface.Contains large visible crystals.
How do sedimentary rock forms?
sedimentary rock form at the surface of the earth, usually through erosion.
During storms, wind and rain can break apart parts of the earth and carry them off.
These particles are then called sediments.They are deposited at the bottom of large bodies of water.
The sediments
of rock then harden and over time form sedimentary rock.

Example of sedimentary rock: limestone , sandstone , shale and clay
Characteristics of sedimentary rocks
often contains fossils
have a possibility of reacting with an acid.
often have layers(have to be straight or curved)
usually composed of pieces cemented or pressed together.
How does metamorphic form?
Metamorphic rock form as a result of heat and/or pressure being applied to either an igneous or a sedimentary rock.
Heat + pressure = metamorphic rock
Example of metamorphic rock : marble ,slate and gneiss
characteristics of metamorphic rock
may react with acids
usually have smooth texture
may have a layers of visible crystals
usually made up of minerals and crystals of different size
The rock cycle
Thank you
or in the text books
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