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John Miller

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of 2016

When I was Born
I was born on September 30,2006
First steps and walking
When I was 9 months old I took my first steps but I also learned how to walk that day.
Moving to my new home
When I was three I was forced to move to a new home I was scared but I liked my new home. The only thing I don't like was when I was moving my stuff upstairs the was a little earthquake that I could feel.
First day of Kindergarten
When I was 4 I started my first day of Kindergarten
When I was 5-6 my great grandma died.The only thing I didn't like was she died on the day after valintines.Anther thing was she died on my Uncle Bobby's birthday.
First year of sports
When I was 7 I played Soccer,Flag football,and Basketball.
First day of fourth grade
My first day of fourth grade I was the youngest in the class because I was 8.I really like my fourth grade teacher and he is funny guy.
Fun Fact: the doctor said when I was born I had extremely strong legs.
Fun Fact:This year I just found out that you have to be 5.
Fun Fact:I only played Flag football and basketball again.
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