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Benefits and Challenges of Arts Integration Practices in the Classroom

TE 491 Final Exam

Kylie McKenzie

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Benefits and Challenges of Arts Integration Practices in the Classroom

Benefits and challenges of arts integration practices in the classroom.
Of Course there can be Challenges in Art Integration!
lack of funds
lack of time
lack of knowledge
grading criteria
not enough resources
lack of teacher effort
Teachers fear chaos and out of control students
classroom management
do not know how to integrate
lack of ideas
personal fears of teacher & students
Sir Ken Robinson
Ken Robinson feel that arts in education are very important!!
He says in his interview, “How Do Schools Suffocate Creativity?” that creativity is as important as literacy.
Creativity and the arts in education allow expression of individuality, a unique expression alongside everything else, as he discusses in his lecture “Educating the Hearts and the Minds.” He also says in his lecture, “Schools tend to inhibit creativity and individual talent.”
When people have a powerful sense of imagination, what flows from it is creativity and empathy.
We tend to be focused on the external world, but with imagination we can look inward and understand the relationship between the two.
Empathy helps us to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes.
Why Integration?
It includes:
Critical Thinking
Self Expression
Use of Multiple Senses
How to overcome!
So many websites with resources and books for ideas
Arts Edge website has free lesson plans
Try to get materials from the specialists or do lessons without extra materials if money is an issue. Try the library for books.
Attend a developmental workshop
Collaborate with the Art, Drama, and Music teacher for ideas
Go to a conference
Read other teacher's blogs
Establish a new management system. Classroom DoJo is a good resource.www.classdojo.com
Arts Edge by the Kennedy Center
The lesson plan, The Dance of the Monarch Butterfly, works well because the teacher doesn't have to buy additional supplies!
Art Integration
"We are finding through neuroscience and research that the way the brain works is to learn things in context," VAPA coordinator Craig Faniani said. "The more we can put things together for kids the more we can give them a deeper grasp."
Kylie Decker
Arts Integration- Changing The Way Students Learn for the Better
Every type of learner
Can be modified for special needs
Hands on experience to learning
21st Century Skills
The San Juan Unified School District is using:
a variety of other types of art to engage students
create a different and effective learning environment
Works Cited
More Benefits
Can help with:
clarification of material
improve behavior
improve motivation
YouTube. (2013, March 11).
Arts integration changing the way students learn, for the better
. Retrieved from youtube.com
Robinson, K. (2012, June 17). Interview by NPR/TED Staff [].
How do schools suffocate creativity?
, Retrieved from www.npr.org
Why wouldn't you want to integrate?
The San Juan Unified School District
My Personal Experience
I did not experience much art integration from what I remember. My schooling was more on the arts enhanced side. We did diorama projects for book reports but never learned the art of making them. Knowing that most of my schooling was not arts integrated makes me feel sad that I missed out on the opportunity to learn while doing art. Not to say that I did not take art, music and drama in school, they just were separate classes. TE 491 was the first time I really saw art integrated lessons and I am so glad that I have been exposed to them so I can use them myself! I believe that arts integrated lessons are fun and exciting and a great new innovative tool for teachers!
Arts Integration creates 21st Century Skills
The P21’s Framework for 21st Century Learning.
What Skills are Developed?
Silverstein, L. (n.d.). Arts integration and 21st century skills.
The Kennedy Center Arts Edge
, Retrieved from http://artsedge.kennedy-center.org/educators/how-to/arts-integration-beta/why-arts-integration-beta/why-connections-beta/21st-century-skills-beta.aspx
Learning and Innovative Skills
The Four C's:
- communicate understanding through art form. Medium of communication is art form. EX: acting, storytelling
- in small groups to solve problems or share ideas. Open to diverse perspectives. EX: work in groups or individually draw on peer input.

- ability to reason effectively, make judgements and decisions and solve problems that don't have one right answer. EX: pattern recognition
-think creatively, work creatively with others and implement innovations. The creative process creates a product: dance collage, poem. Creativity is the big point in arts integration. They reflect and share with others.
So important!
Teaches both science and dance!
Includes worksheets, videos and other resources!
Discuss butterfly and life cycle
The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Introduce science content
Elements of dance introduced
Watch videos of each stage
Students choreograph dance on the life cycle
Carroll, M. (n.d.). The dance of the butterfly.
The Kennedy Center Arts Edge
, Retrieved from http://artsedge.kennedy-center.org/educators/lessons/grade-k-2/Butterfly_Dance.aspx

So many lesson plans! The fun and amazing benefits of Art Integration!
Fears About Creating- Pretending
We as teachers need to integrate art!
There are so many amazing benefits! Like creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking!
The activities reach all types of learners! From auditory, visual to hands on!
If a school does not offer the arts programs, the only place they will learn is if the classroom teacher integrates!
Let's Integrate!
Fears About Creating- Perfecting
Drama as as Classroom Behavior Management
Arts Integrated Consulting by Focus 5 Inc.
What to do?
"The fear that you're pretending to do art is the consequence of doubting your own artistic credentials" (Bayles & Orland).
You may feel that you are pretending to be an artist, but there is not a way to pretend you are making art. Go ahead and try something! Your work is your own!
Fear that you are not a real artist causes low expectations and degrading work.
I used to think that I can't be an artist because I do not have the skills it takes. But then I realized that my work is art. Just because I am not an "artist" does not mean I cannot create art!
Fears About Creating with Others- Acceptance
Fears About Creating with Others- Approval
Bayles., & Orland, (n.d.). Fear about yourself & fears about others.
In Art & Fear
(pp. 23-47).
Art Integration Consulting. (Photographer). Acting Right: Drama as a Classroom Management Strategy [Web Video]. Retrieved from http://www.artsintegrationconsulting.com/professional-development/foundation-workshops/acting-right-drama-as-a.html
I am a perfectionist. I spend time at the end of test going back through each question to make sure that is my perfect answer. I will re-write a letter if I do not like my handwriting. But I have come to face the fact that nobody is perfect and it is okay to make mistakes. Mistakes are how we learn!
"Art is human; error is human; ergo; art is error" (Bayles & Orland).
When you do not explore outside of your comfort zone you further yourself from risk and exploration and your heart's work.
Imperfections are your guides. The tools for the next piece of art lie in the imperfections of the current one.
"For the artist, the issue of acceptance begins one simple, haunting question: When your work is counted, will it be counted as art?" (Bayles & Orland)
I am a people pleaser. I get very nervous when presenting a project or an art piece. I fear what others think of me in what I wear and my work. It has probably prevented me from making friends or trying something new. I have begun to realize over time that I need to be true to myself and not care about what others think of me and my work.
When you need acceptance for your art you can dismiss it as a craft or decoration or hobby or being pointless.
The dilemma: risk rejection by taking a new route or acceptance for an already explored path
The world rewards work they understand.
Is this right?
The big idea is do you view your work as art?
Works with all disciplines!
Learning about Media and Technology
I'm in, are you?
Different than acceptance, approval is people liking your work.
There's no such thing as good art or bad art. There's only art- and damn little of it
" -James Thurber
The approval of others puts a dangerous amount of power in their hands.The only pure communication is between you and your work!
I seek approval in almost all that I do. I have learned to take their advice/criticism and either apply it or not. I know who I am an what I created, as well as the message I am conveying.
This could prevent Art Integration because of students fears. Understand your students and help them to overcome their fears!
Work with students to overcome fears and set classroom boundaries. Create a safe, happy creative environment for everyone!
It takes effort to look at misbehavior as an opportunity to teach
"- Alfie Kohn
Actor's Tool Box
Everyone signs the contract to use tools
Tools: body, voice, imagination, concentration and cooperation
Concentration can be taught.
1. Actor's Tool Box- create agreement
2. Concentration Circle- use the words "concentrate." Think about actions.
3. The Cooperation Challenge- will my actions help or hurt the team?
4. One Minute Challenges
Think how actions hurt or harm team. Helps students think about their actions.
One Minute Challenge
The small groups have one minute to plan and make pictures with their bodies. EX: the rock cycle
They do not know what the challenge will be- but there is not any time to argue or stray away!
Cooperate, Collaborate, Create!
Check out the Website for more details on the Management plan!
Also are resources for workshops for teachers. Check out the company Focus 5 as well for more resources and ideas!
Drama and classroom management integration! Helps take teachers fear of chaos out of integrating.
Language Arts
Social Studies
Visual Arts
Health & PE
Check out Arts Edge for more lessons!
Retrieved from The Kennedy Center Arts Edge Website
Fears that could hold students and teachers back from integration, but can be faced! Face your fears and do not let them stop you!
Do not let these fears stop you from integrating arts!
Do not let this stop integration! Create a safe classroom environment for creating!
Create a safe, non judgemental classroom for creating!
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