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Photography Career

Career Project

Stephanie Wursten

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Photography Career

Stephanie Wursten Photographer Possible Degrees Film/Video and Photographic Arts Specializations: Portrait Photographer Takes pictures of people.
Ex. Weddings, family pictures, school pictures Landscape and Seascape Photography Takes pictures of nature and the outdoors in general
Ex. Pictures of the sea, forests, and animals Sport Photographer Takes pictures of athletes at sporting events
and competitions for newspapers and commercial
Ex. Baseball players during a game. Classes at Flower Mound -Art photography
-Principles of Arts, A/V Technology and Communications Pros and Cons Pros:
Ability to express yourself
Creative freedom
Unlimited Possibilities
Can work in many different environments
Ease of Entry Colorado: Skills needed to be a photographer Creative eye
Able to judge sizing
Knowledge of color compliments
Camera -Helpful, but not necessary
School of Visual Arts-New York, New York
Ringling College of Art and Design-Sarasota, Florida
Brigham Young University- Provo, Utah Photography -Helpful, but not necessary
Brigham Young University- Rexburg, Idaho
Yale University- New Haven, Connecticut
Art Institute of Colorado- Denver, Colorado Cons:
Not a real quitting time
Very uncertain income
Have to work for a client Semi-easy
Growth rate is 11%
Only 62 Job openings Florida: Easier
More job openings
205 available annually
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