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Business Plan

No description

Nathaniel Rose

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Business Plan

Sammy from A Turtle's Tale
Gross Income Graph
Sammy is a very cute plush turtle that will be 15 inches wide by 18 inches long. He is the perfect size for cuddling with in bed or carrying around on road trips. He is
being sold for $20, a very
reasonable price for such a
nice product.
The Iron Giant
Infinity and Beyond Toy Inc.
We are from the Infinity and Beyond Toy Incorporation development department and we have developed two new children toys. One of which is a remote controlled toy and the other is a stuffed animal. We have designed a flying Iron Giant from the movie The Iron Giant and a stuffed turtle named Sammy from the children's movie A Turtle's Tale.
Who is the Iron Giant?
We have designed an Iron Giant that will be abe to fly due to twin propellers that will be placed in in each of his shoulders. He will be controlled via remote control. The dimensions for this toy will be 12 inches tall, 8 inches at the shoulders, and 4 inches thick at the chest. The cost we have planned for this toy is $50.00. There will be additional parts included to make him pretend to be superman as seen in the movie.
Total Gross Income
Per 5 Day Week: $1,700
Per Month: $7,480
Per Year: $88,400
This is a similar product, but it doesn't have the same quality
Per 6 Day Week: $2,040
Per Month: $8,840
Per Year: $106,080
Per Day: $340
Who is Sammy?

The numer of toys produced must no more than three times the number of stuffed animals

Machines are available for up to a total 280 hours per day. Every toy will take 40 hours and every animal will take 20 hours of machine time.

At least 1 stuffed animal and at least 2 toys must be produced per day. But less than 10 stuffed animals per day can be produced.
Possible Combanations:

6 Toys and 2 Stuffed animals (Gross income of $340 per day)

3 Toys and 1 Stuffed animals ( Gross income of $170 per day)

2 Toys and 1 Stuffed animals (Gross income of $120 per day)

2 Toys and 10 Stuffed animals (Does not work with our constraints.)
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