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Belle Gunnes - A serial killer from Selbu made by Silje and Christine

No description

Christine Bakken

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Belle Gunnes - A serial killer from Selbu made by Silje and Christine

Belle Gunness - A serial killer from Selbu Belle and her family The victims +Mads Sørensen – poison
+Peter Gunness – killed by the meat grinder
+Andrew Helgelien – human sushi
+The children – Poisoned, body's burned
+Young Lady – Chopped off head, body burned
40+ - human sushi The key to her fortune + Life insurance
+ Scandinavian guys - made them think she loved them, sold everything they had and came to her farm + Brynhild Paulsdatter Størset
+ 11. November 1859
+ Selbu, Sør - Trøndelag, Norway
+ Three siblings, youngest
+ Paul Pederson Sørtset & Berit Oldsdatter
+ Hell's Belle Childhood - the reason? + Hit the children
+ Strict, yelled & cursed in front of them
+ Rough childhood - the reason The Rumored reason + Hell's Belle, happening in Norway
+ Pregnant, marrying the father - class difference
+ Threaten to relive their secret
+ Lost his temper, lake
+ Too strong, stomach - miscarry
+ Swore her revenge America + 1881
+ Mads Sørensen, married 1884
+ 4 children & 1 adopted girl - Caroline, Axel, Myrtel, Lucy & Jennie
+ Changed her name

+ Mads died 1900 - Belle re-married 1901
+La porte
+ Peter Gunness, had two daughters Swanhild - hid by relatives Never caught + Declared dead in the fire
+Ray Lamphere - Claimed she was alive
+Had helped her
+The police never managed to find her
+Seen her in their backyard sources http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belle_Gunness Hans Melien. Belle Gunness, Massemorder
fra Selbu
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