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Logan Kitchen

on 15 April 2016

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Transcript of Characters

Tucket's Ride

* Francis
* Billy
* Lottie
* Trooper Flannagan
* Lieutenant Brannigan
* Garcia
* Mr. Grimes

Other Books by Gary Paulsen
Plot and Conflict
Francis travels west in the hope to reunite two kids with their parents. Along the way they get side tracked by the fighting between Mexico and America and the Comancheros tribe.
Personal Review
The book,
Tucket's Ride
, by Gary Paulsen, is best fit for middle school and young adults. Due to graphic content and violence the book is targeted to young students. Another reason why this book is for younger students is the topic would interest them. The book's setting is on the western front.
The book started in the state of Missouri. The characters traveled north west on the Oregon trail.
The story took place in 1848.
Author: Gary Paulsen
* Brian's Winter
* The River
* Brian's Return
* Hatchet
* Margaret Edwards Award
*John Newbery Medal
*Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award
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