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Bethany Miller

on 20 March 2015

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Music in the 1960's had a huge influence on people then and now. It was a time when people were able to find out what was cool and what wasn't. At the beginning of the sixties artists like Elvis still had a major part in the music industry, but then there was the "british invasion" where artist such as The Beatles were introduced in America. The music in the sixties was mainly rock n' roll which was a major change in style from past decades. Other famous styles of music included funk, R&B, gospel, and soul music. Also many girls and girl bands were becoming a big part of the industry.
In the 1980's MTV had a huge part in music, when it launched music videos which were also a big thing in the 80's. Digital recording was used and many electric type genres using non traditional instruments were very popular during this time. The style music was mostly disco and also some pop. There were many pop culture icons that people today still look up to and talk about. Rock music was also still being enjoyed by a large audience in the 80's.
In the 1940's, while WWII was going on, music helped people forget about the hardships of the war. Bigband music was a type of jazz that dominated for most of the 40's. Later in the decade bebop emerged as another style of jazz which contrasted greatly with the bigband sound. Bigband is a mix of percussion, brass, and woodwind instruments and is usually an ensemble of around 12 to 25 people. Swing was another syle of music that was famous in the 40's.
Starting in the 1920's
Some of the most famous types of music in America in the 1920's were jazz, Broadway musicals, and ragtime. Jazz swept the nation and was liked by many people around the U.S. Broadway was one of the main ways people could access live music in the twenties. The popular dance music however was not jazz it was a early form of blues-ragtime that eventually evolved into jazz.
In conclusion the answer to my question 'How has music changed over time?' is not something you can just answer with one word. While researching I found all this information about how the style of music was so different as the generations passed, but doing this project helped me see not just how music itself has changed but also how music has changed people and society over time. Music is always changing you never know when modern artists are going to bring something back or if the music in general from the past will come back and be enjoyed by people now or even in the future. It's kind of an awesome thing to think about.
Present day
Music today has everything from rap, to pop, to rock n' roll. Music today is very much influenced by music from the past. Modern artists like to use ideas from previous artists and put their own spin on it while appealing to their own audience. There are many different types of artists that sing many different types of music, like boy-bands, girl-bands, country singers, pop artists, rappers. You never know what artist are going to come up with next.
One Direction-Fireproof
Michael Jackson-Thriller
The Beatles-I Want To Hold Your Hand
The 1975-Settle Down
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