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The amazing country you HAVE to see!

Annabeth Chase

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of Albania

Albanian Culture
Here we are
Here we are in Jacksonville, Florida. Our culture is
very different than the culture in Albania.
This is Albania
Food of Albania
The food in Albania
is very different from
American foods.
Albanian food varies
from different things.

Some examples of traditional Albanian foods are,
Byrek, Pacarak, Pasterna, Shishqebab, Hallve, Trahana, and Qofte.
Albanian Music
The traditional Albanian
music is very calming. Most
of the time there is a voice in
the music. There is also
folk music to which people
dance to.
Albanian Religion
There are 4 types of religions in Albania. They
are Muslim, Orthodox, Catholic, and Bectashan.
All 4 religions believe in different things. One amazing thing
is that all religions never fought before.
(Sorry if I spelled wrong!)
Albanian Government
Albanian Superstitions
matters where you live and where you were born.

There are many superstitions in Albania. It all
One superstition is that a newborn baby should not be out of the
house or hospital within the first 40 days of life or something bad will happen.
One other superstion is that there should be dry rice on both the bride's and the groom's head. That symbolizes that there will be a big family.
The Albanian government is very hard to understand. They have a president. Albania has a diplomatic relationship with the United States of America.
Albanian Traditions
There are many traditions in Albania.
One tradition is in a new house the family has to step in with the right foot. There is an upside down horseshoe to protect. And there is the "evil eye"

Don't worry, I'll explain to you
Albanian Sports
The most famous Albanian
sport is Football. It is NOT
the Football with a tackler
and a quarterback. It is
called Soccer in the US. In Europe they call Soccer
Football. And they can't confuse Football and Soccer because the US football is not played in Europe
Albanian Dance
Albanian dance is practiced during weddings.

They are also just for show. The folk dancing usually goes with traditional folk music.
Albanian Folklore
The Tale of the Eagle-
A young boy was hunting in the mountains. An eagle flying above him sat on top of a crag. eagle was very large and had a snake in its beak. After a while, the eagle flew away from the crag where it had its nest. The boy then climbed to the top of the crag where he saw, in the nest, an eaglet playing with the dead snake. But the snake wasn't really dead! Suddenly it stirred, revealed its fangs and was ready to kill the eaglet with its deadly venom. The youth quickly took out his bow and arrow and killed the snake. Then he took the eaglet and started for his home. Suddenly the youth heard above him the loud whir of the great eagle's wings.

"Why do you kidnap my child?" cried the eagle.

"The child is mine because I saved it from the snake which you didn't kill," answered the youth.

"Give me back my child, and I will give you as a reward the sharpness of my eyes and the powerful strength of my wings. You will become invincible, and you will be called by my name!"

Thus the youth handed over the eaglet. After the eaglet grew, it would always fly above the head of the youth, now a grown man, who with his bow and arrows killed many wild beasts of the forest, and with his sword slew many enemies of the land. During all of these feats, the eagle faithfully watched over and guided him.

Amazed by the valiant hunter's deeds, the people of the land elected him king and called him Shqipëtar, which is to say Son of the Eagle (shqipe or shqiponjë is Albanian for eagle) and his kingdom became known as "Shqipëria" or Land of the Eagles.The two heads on the eagle represent the north and the south
Rozafati-The legend is about the three brothers who set about building the castle.They worked all day, but the walls fell down at night. They met a clever old man who advised them to sacrifice someone so that the walls would stand. The three brothers found it difficult to decide whom to sacrifice. Finally, they decided to sacrifice one of their wives who would bring lunch to them the next day. So they agreed that whichever of their wives was the one to bring them lunch the next day was the one who would be buried in the wall of the castle. They also promised not to tell their wives of this. The two older brothers, however, explained the situation to their wives that night, while the honest youngest brother said nothing.

The following afternoon, the brothers waited anxiously to see which wife was carrying the basket of food. It was Rosafa, the wife of the youngest brother. He explained to her the agreement that they had made, namely that she was to be sacrificed and buried in the wall of the castle so that they could finish building it. She did not protest.

The faithfulness of the youngest brother and the life sacrifice of his young wife are portrayed as elements of symbolic importance. Rosafa, who was predestined to be walled in, worried about her infant son, accepted to be walled in on condition that they leave her right breast exposed to feed her newborn son, her right eye to see him, her right hand to caress him and her right foot to rock his cradle. It is said that milk still flows from one of the walls in the castle.
From http://www.theapricity.com/forum/showthread.php?27757-Albanian-Mythology
A little changed :)
Albanian Clothing
Albanian clothing looks
NOTHING like the clothing we
have today. At least the
traditional clothing.
Today we have jeans,
t-shirts, sweaters, jackets. While they have to
probably nearly as comfortable clothing.
And remember the climate is colder.
My knowledge of Albania helps too.
Thanks Mother and Father!! You guys
helped a lot!
All pictures
This is the Capital City of Albania
The Land
of the Eagle
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