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Spanish 1020

No description

Ian Caldon

on 17 January 2017

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Transcript of Spanish 1020

Daily Opening Activities

Every student will sign up for specific dates on a calendar to participate in B.A.C. presentations.

Spanish 1020
Course Introduction
Course Description
Course Competencies

Extra Credit
Presta atención...
Presta atención...
In this continuation of 1010, students continue their development of basic speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in the target language and explore cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world. Prerequisite: Completion of SPAN 1010 or equivalent.

Two activities for the community
One Group Collaborative Project
Number of absences Effect on the student's final grade.
1-4 (No effect)
5-10 (Lowers one letter grade)
Over 10 (Final grade F)

Interpret written language on a variety of topics.
•Interpret spoken language on a variety of topics.
•Engage in conversation on a variety of topics.
•Employ accurate grammar & vocabulary in oral and written formats.
•Explain aspects of the Hispanic culture around the world.

The grading system is based on the following weighted system:

Participation = 20%
Homework = 20%
Evaluation = 60%
B.A.C. stands for:

Bienvenida = Welcome
Anuncios = Announcements
Cultura = Culture
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