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Solutions Manual: Sexism in Media

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on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of Solutions Manual: Sexism in Media

Here is the Link to Our Presentation:

Micro Approach
Macro Approach
We want to bring our presentation around the US, by joining forces with the Representation Project. Create new presentations to include masculinity and violence within male representation. Eventually make media studies and awareness about sexism a part of Middle School Curriculum, since media is a growing part of every child's life.
Dec.9, 2015
By: Heather and Challen Gutekunst
WEST 3150
The Issue to Fix
Issue: Female Representation in Media
Ongoing and ever-changing problem in media:
There is an extreme lack of representation of women in Hollywood.
Women of color are represented even less.
There is also an extreme lack of women producing and writing films.
This affects perceptions of female leadership negatively

Hypersexualization in Advertising:
Advertising preys on women's and girl's insecurities
Women and girls then buy the products that are marketed to make them look more appealing to a male gaze
Companies cash in on women's insecurities

Sexism in Advertising and Effects on Teens
Teenage girls, on average, consume 10 hrs and 45 mins of media every day
Many girls frequently feel depressed about their bodies and admit to wanting to lose weight
Solutions Manual: Sexism in Media
Education is key to raising awareness.
In order to educate we plan on speaking in middle school classrooms with our presentation focusing on sexism in the media. We already have dates set up at Summit Middle School, and hope to go to more schools around Colorado.
Micro Approach
We included many of our solutions for girls dealing with the media every day:
We first taught the very basics of media literacy
Be critical of the media by asking questions
Limiting exposure to reality TV, as well as fashion and teen magazines
We wanted to emphasize the importance of their confidence and leadership by providing solutions such as:
Celebrating their accomplishments and education
Look up to women in leadership roles
Consume media written by and produced by women
And spread the message to their friends
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