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Copy of DTAL - Empathy Map template

Template to create your empathy map - SAVE A COPY, then EDIT it

Hasan Suleman Rizwan

on 11 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of DTAL - Empathy Map template

The subject is a post graduate student at INSEAD and currently pursuing an MBA
The subject displayed a very positive body language which was transformed as they were made to realize that well thought out answers would be appreciated.
Even though business students are normally perceived to be monetarily motivated the said subject was insistent upon the exercise of learning being a modus operandi to self actualize and a heightened self awareness.
There was a general feeling of being let down by the supranational organizations as well as the governments to provide access to free education.
People do get nervous when asked about their intrinsic motivations and the 'WHY' questions...
The subject displayed being lost during the various transitions pertaining to their student life and generally being demotivated, dejected and lost
There was a general concern over the lackluster support systems currently in place to support these various transitions from high school to university and from university to the workplace and the saga of moving back and forth as grown up individuals
Universities are deemed to be sold out in the interest of businesses and thus fail to innovate and teach the necessary creative solutions required by the future leaders of tomorrow
Work-life balance is something that is primarily lost on most individuals
Subjects do not like feeling owned or brainwashed by these institutions on their quest for knowledge

Extrinsic motivation is as important as the intrinsic motivational factors
People are sometimes not as sure about their quest for knowledge as they would like us to believe
Graduate students tend to be more self assured about their need for education as compared to people at lower educational levels
The current educational model is subject based while this is not the case as we are dealing with human beings
A holistic approach is definitely required in order to fill this gap
Educators have to teach how the young guns can shoulder on the responsibilities and this is something that needs to be redefined and cannot be standardized as it is relative across cultures and individuals who are at the forefront of global educational policy changes
Peer mentor ship programs have a positive impact and are not encouraged in either university or work places
Developing and modifying attitudes will lead to positive behavioral change
I am not stupid, Please don't treat me like one after so many decades of knowledge seeking behavior
Empathizing is just that much more important in the process of redefining and aligning the school - work transition

A general sense of alienation prevails within the student community
Empathy is lost on businesses as well as educational institutions
The entire process of school-work transition has been designed from a one man perspective and does not cater to all the learners who have different motivations and thus different objectives and goals
The best educational institutions and organizations have been known to alienate its populace
This is evident from the rampant culture of alcohol consumption and drug intake that has affected the lives of so many students globally
What necessitates drug intake is something that needs to be properly addressed because it is even harder on a student to see their fellow peers indulging in these dark, primal past times and maintaining your motivation throughout is a humongous challenge
There are no support structures and forums which address these stipulated changes which take place in any culture and at any institution globally
Who we are and how we evolve is not solely dependent or determined by any educational institution or business organization per say
There are systemic as well as non-systemic changes that need to address the problems discussed in the empathy map
Lots of surprises here finding correlations behind a person's intrinsic and extrinsic motivations
The dejection that is widespread amongst today's students across all academic disciplines
The inability and the inappropriate support structures provided to institutions while they juggle so much on their platter
The problem statement encapsulates the need for the stakeholder you will continue working on for next week
The main prerogative behind learning has to do with self actualization and a heightened awareness of who they are.

There are so many pitfalls and road blocks but what is of essence is 'All roads lead to Rome' NOT any definitive ONE.

Knowledge is everyone's domain.

The right and access to education is one of the foremost priority of the coming generations

The educational system around the world needs to be revamped and technology needs to be standardized to disseminate it properly

Focus on intrinsic rather than extrinsic factors will result in higher enrollment

Learning cannot be standardized.

The complexity of the global educational model is nearly lost on most of the students globally

Providing online platforms has been a huge success such as Coursera and Venture lab who will be at the forefront of global change

Job is NOT the ultimate objective of the learning process but merely a byproduct.
Today's alienated student populace ranging from high school down to undergraduate as well as post graduate students who suffer immeasurably in the numerous transitions even within the study paradigm can be severely debilitating and alienating and thus

understand, collaborate,corroborate, empathize, formulate,redefine and eventually redesign the support systems and structures which are in place to ensure that our students do not push themselves towards utter degradation while going through the ranks
Every individual is different and so are their intrinsic as well as extrinsic motivations and thus deserve to be treated at such with respect and given a chance to understand why the system fails or coerces so many of the bright young minds to seek redemption elsewhere in the arms of drugs and binge alcohol sessions lasting for days.
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