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Forever 21 Child Labour

No description

Madeline Blaser

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Forever 21 Child Labour

Forever 21 Child Labor
The Sweatshop-like Factories
In the fashion district of L.A. there is a factory that makes clothing for Forever 21. In this factory, the employes are mostly immigrants and non-english speaking workers who are desperate for a job. The workers are paid under minimum wage and forced to work over time with no overtime pay. They are given next to no breaks and forced to work in hazardous conditions.
What Can You Do?
When it comes to this type of problem, it is hard for one person to make a difference. If everyone stops buying from Forever 21, the message will be spread and change can happen.
How does Forever 21 sell clothes for dirt cheap prices?
Forever 21 use high school and college children as their in store workers. since they are young and easily deceived, the company will pay them less than minimum wage and make them work overtime with no breaks. Forever 21 uses child labor and sweatshops as well as cotton companies that use child labor to make their clothes.
The Uzbekistan Cotton Company
A cotton company in Uzbekistan, one of the biggest in the world, uses child labour as their main work force. Every September, when the cotton harvesting season begins, the workers are given a daily quota, which for children can be up to 60 kg of cotton. Those who don't reach the quota are punished. The children here are malnourished, frail and in danger. they are forced to live in makeshift dormitorys and eat insufficient food and water.
The Truth
In a recent lawsuit, Forever 21 was accused of having "sweatshop-like conditions and failing to meet the guidelines of employee rights." One woman who worked in the factories said that she was paid 12 cents for every vest she made. She would have to make 67 vests an hour to earn $8 minimum wage.
How are they Connected?
Over 70 of the world's largest apparel brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Levi's, and American Eagle have vowed to never use Uzbekistan cotton. Forever 21, however, has stayed silent. they claim that they only buy their supplies from fair companies but this is untrue. Forever 21 uses Uzbek cotton because it is cheap.
Workers in a Forever 21 sweatshop in L.A.
The Uzbekistan Cotton fields.
Forever 21 Protesters.
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