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Bella's presentation.

No description

Johnson's Class

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Bella's presentation.

Bella's presentation.
My family.
my favourite coulor!
My favourite colour is blue I like blue because I like to swim and water is blue. Also I just like blue
My favourite food.
My favourite food is pasta. I like pasta because I like to cook and pasta is my favourite thing to cook. My favorite pasta is pesto.
How much I love myself.
I love myself more than anything in this world. Were do I start first of all IM AWESOME! My teacher Mr.Johnson also thinks he's awesome but face it no one is more awesome then i am. And that's how much I love myself.
My best Friends
My best friends are Dakota,Telissa,Adam, Ansley and Athena. They are awesome cool and kind.
I live with my mom Hailey,my grandma linda,my sister gabby and my cat Sasha. Sasha is a siamese cat.

My favorite electronic!
My favorite electronic is the I pad because there is this game temple run and I love it. There is also this game bubble pig it is awesome.
Made by bella

with the help
of my




and Ms. Norville.

Singing and writing songs it just floes out of me like a river it's fun.
My favorite song
My song is crusin for a brusin I LOVE IT Ross lych sings part of it.
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